Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Today's the Day!

That's it!! So I have been stepping up the miles this week as well as my activity in general. I've also been watching my sodium lots better this week. Last night in a weak moment I finished off the last of the ice cream. Today's the day to go totally clean.

As a health coach, I know what to do - but even with the training and knowledge, it doesn't make it any easier. Add to that all the other many factors of having a condition like CHF, and it is an uphill battle. Personally, I battle depression and emotional eating. Am I a failure? Nope. I figure I'm in a better position to help others because I really do understand! Kind of like teaching math. Not only am I good at it - I'm gentle and patient with my students because I also struggled in math. The struggles make us stronger in the long run.

With that being said - I am going to the store today and my son and I are both taking the leap. We're going to eat totally clean and raw - as much as is reasonable and possible. Since we are all individuals and very different in our needs, he has dietary needs that I will meet, but will do so with healthy, whole, and natural options.

The last two days I've had wonderful runs in the morning and left the treadmill wanting more time to run. Today it was like running through sludge, my blood pressure was up and I just wasn't feeling it. I only did one very easy mile and might get more in later if I get everything all leveled out. This is the frustrating part of having to listen to my body. I'd much rather drag it up on the TM and tell it to do 2, 3 or 4 more miles. And I would feel like a champion for winning.

But then I take the chance of an overdo and wind up out of the game for recovery time. So instead, I listened to my body, got in an easy mile and survive to run again. I remind myself that whether it's 20,000 steps, 3,000 steps or just a few - every step's a victory!

And when I listen to my body - and do what it needs - I am winning the war one battle at a time.

So today is it. I'm headed out to get some grub that is going to set me up to win even more. I anticipate sugar withdrawals and have no recourse but to suck it up and get through it. But it's time to do it; and it's got to be done.

I'm kind of excited - as I always welcome a challenge. I've made enough small changes over the last few weeks that it's not that big of a difference from here (except the sugar part).

Change is never easy. But it is welcomed as I embrace a hopeful and healthier future. What is your biggest challenge? Do you struggle with cravings? Is there anything you know you need to give up but are afraid to? Or are you like me and just don't want to? lol. Tell me about it.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other - and remember every step is a victory!

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