Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My 7th Race-aversary!

Over the weekend I did a local 5K. I really didn't think about it at the time, but after I got home I realized it was the weekend I'd done my very first 5K 7 years ago. My first race ever was the Peach Festival 5K in Louisiana. I left that race to go straight to the computer and find another one. I was in love!

This was my 84th 5K. I've now done 137 races altogether. That includes twenty 10Ks, twenty half marathons and one full marathon.

Considering the life-challenges makes each finish line I cross just a little bit sweeter. This race was HOT! I figured they didn't know what they were doing when I saw the race didn't start until 9 o'clock - in the middle of June. That's a winter race time - not the middle of the summer race time! I was right too. And..they didn't have a drop of water on the course; not one water stop. It was also billed as the "Bands on the Run" and the whole reason I signed up for this race was they said they would have live bands "all along the course." Yeah right. There was a live band playing at the start line - and gone by the time we got done. And there was a poor lonely guy playing a saxophone at the turn around. It was sad. lol. But I lived.

The heat was the biggest challenge for this race. I really don't need to run in the heat. But with all points considered I did well. The first mile was good but after that I could feel the effects of the heat and pulled back a lot. They didn't give out the standard awards, but I would have placed second in my AG.

 I have purposefully been focusing on hydration over the last few weeks. It's one of those things that's real confusing to me. The doc told me to limit my fluid intake if I'm not running, and to increase it if I am. Well, if I watch my sodium intake and exercise at least 30 minutes every day I don't seem to have too much trouble with water retention. I'm also taking a small dose of a diuretic each day to help. So it's confusing - I think my solution is to just run everyday. That way I'm running - and I should hydrate! lol.

I'm doing much better with my eating under control; and I'm starting to feel LOTS better. And I even have more energy to boot. Today I go do blood work to prepare for my cardiologist appointment next week. I've put it off for a month but the nurse called last week and told me to get in and get it done! So I am.

I think running with a chronic condition makes me be much more aware of my body. I have to do more reflecting on why I do the things I do. And honestly, I've had to cut a few things out. I have to think about every thing I do and every thing I eat - Is this going to help me?  Or is it going to hinder? 

Even though I've struggled the last few weeks - with fatigue and blood pressure issues - I'm beginning to surface back out on top. I look at my medals and think of all I've come through and each one of them represents lots of victorious steps in my life. So today as I start year 8 of running - I smile. No matter how fast, how slow, how sluggish or energetic I feel -  every step's a victory.

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