Saturday, January 23, 2016

Who Knew?

So I did my first ever trail race this morning. It was a 4-miler but more like 4.33. It was really cold like 27 and stayed at that temp the whole race even though I warmed up quite a bit. I think about mile 3 I could feel my toes again. Lol. I did trip a couple of times, but I only fell once - minor scraped up knee but no biggie.

I think I'll try to find some more trail races - but I am pretty sore right now so I might take that back when I try to roll out of bed in the morning. My heart rate ran a little higher than usual, but not dangerous. I'm sure it's because my diet has been a little loose - I'll be tightening it back up starting tomorrow for sure. I figured some of it was from pushing it a little harder since running trails is a little more work - but lots of fun for sure.

This race was part of the "Oklahoma State Games." What I didn't know is if you medal in your AG you automatically qualify to take part in the Games of America in 2017. I thought that was really cool since i don't usually "qualify" for anything.  I'm looking in to doing them  but we shall see.

I've done a lot of thinking  since the cardiologist appointment on Monday. I've been wearing the support socks all the time and they seem to really help keep the swelling down in my ankles. I think that's probably good.

I had a low mileage week this week, but my goals for this coming week are to get back on my diet - lots more veggies for sure. I also need to drink more water I think I've been a little dehydrated lately. These are just a couple of things I need to really work on. I'm also working on trying to get more sleep - even though it really bothers me to spend more than 6 hours in bed, I think I have to admit I need more.

So today was another win for me and I feel like I conquered a new frontier. Honestly, my biggest challenge when I start feeling better is to stay inside my strict guidelines. After seeing the cardiologist earlier this week and he suggested "more exercise" I was excited. But I have really been tired this week, and pretty lax on working out. Now it's time to settle down and follow all the "rules" again even though I have been doing better. It's like this fine balance between not overdoing - but doing. Pushing - but not pushing.

Overall, I am very happy where I am right now. I think I'm making progress and learning to push - but not push too much. And learning when and how to rest... it can be frustrating to keep track of everything. I just have to remind myself that it's necessary to be very conscientious about all of it and listening to my body at the same time. For now - I'm still up and running - have signed up for 3 half marathons this spring and might add another trail race in there in April... we shall see. All I know is I'm managing symptoms right now (but I can do better) and ...

Every Step's A Victory!

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