Tuesday, January 12, 2016


So I was able to sustain a 46 day running streak. On one hand I was sad to end it; and on the other was a bit of relief. I had started with a few symptoms so yesterday I felt like it was better to stop rather than my body stopping me down the road. I think it worked because today I was able to get outside for a couple of very nice miles and I felt fine. But it's time to rest....I think.

I learned a few things during this run streak - the longest one I've ever done. I learned if I take it easy I can do a lot more than I thought. And that I have learned to listen to my body - but that's not enough. Not only is it important to listen to what your body is telling you - it's equally as important to respect what it is telling you. That's actually more difficult than listening...but not only is it do-able; it also means there'll be more running days ahead.

One thing that's really surprised me over the last few weeks is that I've felt so good. But I've also taken it really easy and didn't take chances by pushing it. Last year was crazy and after the initial diagnosis I had tons of crazy - crazy thoughts as I worked through processing this new information. I drove my running friends crazy too - quite literally. I finally left the group I had been involved in for three years because I felt like I had gotten on their nerves so much. So I'm running solo once again; and it's okay. Not best - but okay.

Another thing this run streak helped me accomplish is encouragement. I am actually planning on another marathon now and I never thought that would be in my thoughts again! I have a half next month and hopefully another half in March. Then I will either do a half or a full for the OKC in April. We will see. I'm okay if I need to plan the full for later this fall - and I have my eye on a couple I'd like to do too. It's all about making the wisest choice from where I am today and then moving toward that goal.

Speaking of goals I've set a few for myself this year and they include - but are not limited to:

  • Run another marathon
  • Run 1000 miles 
  • Do more Cross Training
  • Learn how to fuel my run right
Over the year I'll probably share more details about each of those goals - that'll keep me focused on them. But for right now I'm just happy to have been upright and still moving ever since I got out of the hospital in October. I am trying to make an appointment with a new cardiologist - hopefully he'll be on board with my running and I won't need to make too many changes. But hey - we gotta be adaptable in order to keep doing what we wanna do, right?

I did run a NYD 5K and did pretty good I thought. I felt real good and that's really important! Next up on my schedule is a 4-mile trail run. Which reminds me of a change I've made this year. Some of my local running buddies are doing both the Winter Series and the 8-mile trail run. Usually, since they are doing the 8-miler I'd switch to that one - and I wouldn't miss the local winter series. But I'm actually okay with only doing the 4-miler at the trail run - hey - it's the smarter decision since it's my first ever trail race; and I'm quite alright with sitting out the winter series and setting my sites on some bigger - and new races this year. 

Maybe this series of health events has helped me mature as a runner and a person. That's really what is all about anyway I think. I should be challenged to change, right? As I am changing and growing as a person - every step is a move in the right direction - and every step is one more than I've taken before. What's your latest challenge and how are you tackling it?

Every Step's A Victory

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