Monday, January 18, 2016

Cardiologist Update

So I guess I'm just going to have to get used to going to cardiologists and doctors. My primary care sent me to a cardiologist at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital. I think I like this guy (as much as I can like docs). He was very kind, and looked me in the eye when he was talking with me and I liked that.

Of course I gave them my standard "abnormal but not bad" EKG. I also explained about my meds and how the other doc wouldn't call me back. He told me not to trust a doctor who didn't call you back. (I was surprised.) He said it's an integrity issue and it sends the signal that they don't care when they don't call you back. I agreed. At the end of the appointment - he gave me a gentle hug and promised to take good care of me. That was nice I thought. (Even though I'm not too keen on "being taken care of.")

My blood pressure was great- didn't even mention taking meds for that. I have to say that's a HUGE win. I believe the drastic changes to my diet have been beneficial in that arena. I still have to take the diuretic though - and the aspirin. I did try to talk the nurse into erasing the "CHF" diagnosis. She wouldn't play.

He asked me if I needed to exercise more. I said, "I'm training for a marathon and have signed up for 3 half marathons this spring, do you want me to do more?" He laughed and said"no" and to keep up the good work... now THAT I liked. I also found out the nurse and some of the other office staff are doing the relay at the OKC Memorial - that was very cool too.

My ankles are a constant reminder of how important it is for me to pay attention and take care. He asked if I wear support socks and I told him I do when I'm running. He wants me to wear them "all the time." Not sure how I feel about that. If I eat right and keep my feet up through the day they are not that bad.... I'll clarify with him at my next appointment.

I do have to do two more tests, scheduled in February and they are doing all the blood work again. I get these tests done the last week in Feb. Then I'll go back for another appointment with him the first week of March. He says he wants me to take some anti-anxiety meds. Not sure how I feel about that either. I know I'm kinda high strung - I will see. He says it can help keep the chest pains at bay. I told him since there's no blockage I am not really worried about that... he doesn't argue well - we'll have to work on that. lol

So overall I was really happy with this cardiologist. I love it that there was no hint of discouraging me from keeping up my current regimen. I also like it that the office staff are training for the OKC Memorial. I have two half marathons before that one though. I did only sign up for the half at OKC - if I can increase my miles safely by then I can switch to the full - if not - I'll continue adding miles slowly and sign up for a full this fall as long as it goes well - as it has been.

I'm really learning to listen to this ole body; and I'm seeing the value in it. When I pay attention and stay on top of the symptoms - I get to run more - run faster and run stronger. This is a far cry from where I was two years ago at this time. It's certainly been a difficult battle, but one I am finally able to say I'm winning - one step at a time.

Every Step's A Victory!


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    1. Thank you! It's been a rough couple of years -- but being "good" (mostly) is paying off!

  2. That sounds like a very positive start to the year for you.

    1. Hey Gill! It was a very positive start - although I am having to actually own this thing so I can manage it! lol -- Thanks for reading.