Monday, November 23, 2015

Worth the Fight

Whether or not you battle with a chronic condition - every runner has to overcome stuff to get themselves out the door. We have to rearrange our schedules around running, or is that the other way around? lol.

Every runner, every athlete has to sacrifice time they could be doing something else, make dietary sacrifices or adaptations to fuel properly, think about dressing for a run and then showering and redressing for the day. Even though we get used to all the accommodations we make for running in our lives - it's a lot to think about on even the best day. We put a lot into it, period.

I know a lot of runners who started running because of a life event of some sort. Many wanted to lose weight, deal with grief, beat a health issue, or any number of other reasons. But running helps us be victorious at life, IMO. It helps us clear our minds, work through issues, de-stress, empty our emotional bucket and just be more fit. So I have to say that no matter why we run - the reward far surpasses the sacrifice.

Running became such a staple in my life that when I thought I was going to have to give it up I was devastated. But by slowing down and finding a new way I'm still able to get out there. This last week was trying for me. But the good thing is I ran an slow, steady and strong 7 miles last night! That made my day - and with no over-do!!! I am going to have to admit that resting more is key for me. I hate that part - I feel like I get so much from running I don't want to take a day off. But many times I HAVE to take today off so I can really enjoy running tomorrow.

This week meant another trip to the doc for me. I've gone to the doctor and the hospital more this year than probably my whole life put together! lol - sheesh. I had to see my primary care because the cardiologist would never call me back about my medications. I got another referral. I have to admit for right now I'm sort of on my own with my meds. The doc won't override the cardiologist - the cardiologist won't call me back - and the referral to a new cardiologist is taking some time. Turns out - the new meds the cardiologist gave me are in the lisinopril family; and I can't take those. I can't take a lot of meds - I'm just not normal. But we already knew that. So I just monitor my bp a little more closely and self-medicate..... for now.

I tried to get my doc to take my side and erase the diagnosis of CHF from my record... she didn't buy it. However, it's in a very mild state right now - if I can be good and manage my symptoms I'm up for miles and miles and years and years of running. Being good is not my strong suit - but I am committed to the journey. I realized today after my 7-miler last night that I am really feeling good. I'm still very active compared to most but I'm learning to take it easier and not push. That's one of my keys - I can still do - I just have to do easier than I want. I did that 6+ miler a couple weeks back too and I honestly pushed it a lot more than I should have - BUT - I never had an episode - and I didn't overdo it. Not that I want to take that chance again any time soon - but learning how to rest in between seems to be working well.

This really helps my attitude. I think of all those I know who cannot run anymore or are on injured reserve and I am grateful. For now - I am still working toward full training. I am hoping with the most recent modifications I've done I can still continue toward that goal. I'm looking now at my spring halfs and trying to move slowly in that direction.

No matter what - every runner deals with something to get out there day after day. You know a marathon isn't really run in a matter of hours - it's run in a matter of months and sometimes years of training. Such is life - each moment is a culmination of all the other moments you've ever lived. (something to think about - make every moment count!) No matter what you have to overcome to get out there and run, walk, fight, ride, etc - it's well worth the fight. Why? Because......

Every Step's a Victory!

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