Sunday, November 8, 2015

Take That!!

Another race under my belt! This one was a real test for me. Mentally I had so much going on prior to the race and I was so nervous. I just never know how I'll feel on race day. Today I felt good so that helped a little bit.

This race was one of the most disorganized races I've ever attended  - and even though it was advertised for an 11K and says so on the medal - it was barely 6 miles. That was disappointing - and relieving all at once. I could have made another mile! But I was pushing it near the end.

So I am a member of this running group hosted by Coach Jenny Hadfield. We are a tight knit group and they look out for me. I promised them today I  would use a timer to ensure I stuck with 1 minute run, 1 minute walk intervals. I must say it started out as one of the most frustrating races I've ever run. Just about the time I get settled into a pace the stupid thing beeps for me to walk. I was not happy - but I had promised... so I did that for the entire race.

However, if there's a way.....

Yup- I figured if I was going to make any time at all I'd have to run harder during one minute and walk faster during the other.. and that's what I did. The timer was supposed to keep me at a 13 minute mile - but I busted it and ended up with an average of 12:24 min/miles. Not bad for a fat old lady who just got out of the hospital 2 weeks ago! lol

 My hope is that by pushing it I didn't overdo it and that's just something I won't know until tomorrow. For pure prevention I have nothing planned for exercise for the next two days - that will give me some recovery time. I'll probably do some easy stuff but no running or TKD.

I guess I proved to myself that I can still do this and can still have fun at it. It was really fun - but it was only 6 miles and I could have easily gone for another! lol I'm guessing I've totally underrated resting - but it's so difficult for me. I am learning to make modifications that will keep me running (and doing other fun things) for years to come.

I had a lot of time to think while I was out there....I thought about the last 7 years a lot - the time I've been a caregiver for my son. It's not been easy, and sometimes it's not fun - but like running - it's worth the effort. In both arenas I've done more than I ever thought possible.

My race year is winding down - and I'm actually pretty happy with it. There has been a LOT of struggling this year. I've had such a battle with depression and I'm still in denial about CHF... it just can't be so.... it can't be me. So I will continue to push forward (cautiously) and not let it define me. With that being said I will also be mindful of managing the symptoms. This week has been a good week - and I've met my goals. Now to continue to watch for signs and make adjustments as necessary.

I'm actually encouraged that I can still do this. I may not be as fast as I was - but I'm still moving. I am going to move toward my halfs next spring. And I'm still looking at another full marathon in the future - it will take a lot more patience than what I exhibited today - I must say I got very frustrated with that timer. The people running near me probably think it's programmed to "beep-beep-cussword." But it did keep me honest. I'm willing to do what is needed to continue to move forward. Because with CHF.....

Every step's a Victory

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