Thursday, August 20, 2015

Starting to Itch

I've been running but sort of been on a hiatus from racing. It's been a nice break actually but it's been more of a financial decision. But now I'm starting to itch...ready to get back out there. I was looking at my fall schedule and penciling in some fall races - hoping to get back to a few half marathons this fall.

As far as full marathon training, I'm still there mentally, but have a long (very long) way to go physically. I'm hoping for some good half marathons this fall to get my miles back up there so I can slip right into full training. That's the goal anyway.

Right now, I've made adjustments and I'm actually doing well - even though I'm not doing a lot of long mile runs. This is very frustrating to me - but life happens. I heard a long time ago that delay is not denial. But I am getting older here. I'm set my goal now on next year's OKC Memorial Marathon I think. That gives me plenty of halfs between now and then. Now to get to work on those! lol

It's hard to find that perfect balance I think. There's a point when running is fun - but if we are not careful it becomes work.It loses the fun part. I really love a half - but want to take on the challenge of another full. But of course, with my present medical condition (which seems to have leveled out nicely of late) I have to make each step purposeful. I can't get to the pushing it too far spot. So I'm going slow...but I am still going! lol

I guess I'm learning that this is what life is about - constantly moving forward. We know that time doesn't stop for any reason. No matter what situations we face, or circumstances we find ourselves in time just keeps on ticking away. It's up to us to embrace life's moments and try to not miss anything in the process.

There's always a place to give up if that's what you want. Excuses abound. Here's my personal list:

  • illness (CHF)
  • mom- early dementia
  • daddy- cancer diagnosis
  • son - TBI
  • finances- self employed....
I'm tired. But instead of using these as excuses - how about turning them into an impetus that thrusts me into running instead of holding me back? That's kind of my view on things. Life is going to happen - it's how we deal with it that determines our personal outcome. 

I've in no way been idle - but I'm ready to get back to racing. I need the thrill, the atmosphere- it keeps me going in between. We all have to find what works for us - and then stick to it. To thine own self be true!  Who said that? lol- It's called being real today I think. 

I have to be honest and real with where I am if I want to take it to the next level. There's no skipping, no cheating and no short-cuts in life. It is what it is and life is really about how we choose to deal with it all. Psalm 55 is an interesting passage where David talks about all the trials he is facing. But the last verse says this I will trust You. Even though I deal with my emotions while pounding the pavement - ultimately my trust is in God. He is the strength of my life. God keeps me going - keeps me moving. There's God....then there's running! We make a good team.

Every step a victory.

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