Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Uphill is the Best!

Guess who got in a few outside miles today? I am a very happy camper. I didn't know an aide was coming and she called a little too late to try running outside in the heat (chalk that one up to a lesson learned!) so I hopped on my bike for a few. It was wonderful!

I have started over again this week. Last week was full of mess-ups and failures. Even though I didn't do anything super bad I just didn't watch my diet too much. I'm still trying to get the little I did do out of my system. The bp has been up a bit - but not "high." And the ankles stay swollen. I'm eating melons to help get rid of the excess fluid I decided to collect. lol

So this week I decided to ramp my training back up. I am starting a streak and plan to run or walk at least a mile each day. Today it will be a walk I am sure. I am feeling so much better and now I must be careful to not overdo it. So I will go forward with great caution. And I'm still winning!

Today I seriously enjoyed the ride outdoors. There's so much more to enjoy outside than on the stationary bike. I'm thankful for my indoor bike as it gives me a chance for great XT and gives me a break from running. But outdoors has so much more to offer. Just a few of the things I was thinking about while riding through the park by where I live:

Loved the wind resistance!
Enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine on my skin!
Smiled at the thrill of the downhill ride --
And felt triumphant at the top of the hills I conquered!
Took in the beauty of the various colors of nature.
Even had fun watching the guys out playing the disc course-
and hearing their good-natured chatter.
Watched a couple of girls trying to hang a hammock between two trees! 
Fun to watch the doggie chasing a frisbee.
And loved the burn of my thighs as I dug in to get up the hills!

I wondered which I liked most - experiencing the free-ride of the downhill or the thrill of victory at reaching the top of the next hill. I loved them both. But I think I like the top of the hill better. How can that be? It's harder to go up a hill than to relax going down! There's nothing to conquer going down the hill - and I am very competitive by nature. Knowing I conquered something that could take me out - is more exciting than getting to relax for a bit. 

In life it's those up-hill battles that make us stronger and develop character in us. This is why I'm trying to embrace adversity and let it change me into a better person...just like the hard stuff trains us to be better athletes.

You cannot build muscle without resistance - and you'll never know your own character without struggles. I'm changing as an athlete. I'm becoming more well-rounded, building more stamina, and learning where the limits are - and where they are not.  I'm still beating CHF - and I'm finally up by a few points. 

Thanks for reading- and remember every step's a victory! 

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