Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Testing My Limits

Tonight's 3 miles was shorter than I had planned for the day but I got caught up in work... hey, what can I say? I like to eat! However, it was a significant run for me. Here's why....

I have started setting goals for my runs and setting weekly workout goals as well. Plus I also started a "run streak" 5 days ago. I'm planning on seeing how long I can go and for right now I just have to do a mile a day to keep it alive. I'm also allowing myself to walk that mile for now as I gain stamina and momentum. Later on I hope it will become all running - but progress sometimes has to go slow. I'm learning to be okay with that.

So tonight's run was day 5 of my running streak and puts me at 10 miles on the streak so far. Secondly, I was finally comfortable enough to run with one of the pre-programmed runs on my TM. I've been hesitant to try it since I've been run/walking it so much. But I chose a slow (yes even for me) pace and a very low incline. I hit start- all I walked was the first 2 minutes of warm-up. After that it was an easy, easy, I-can-go-all-night run or a nice jog for the entire 3 miles. This is really significant progress considering the events of the last year.

One thing I thought of while I was running tonight is how I have to be so tuned in to my body now. I used to just get mad and push it when it didn't act right. I'm sure now that was a lot of the problem. But now, I listen and tonight it purred away. I'm okay with that!

I remember back when I bruised my wrist so bad and I could watch the bruise go away--- every day it got better and looked better. But I can't see my heart. I do have some things I can measure it by like blood pressure, weight gain and my pulse. But I can't just look at it and tell I'm getting better like other injuries. I really have to pay attention to any warning signs.

So even though 3 miles is short of my daily go for today - it definitely helped me meet other goals.How will I know I'm getting better if I don't test my limits? If I'm always too nice I'll be stuck somewhere in between. I'm ready to move on forward, and I've picked up my training and cross training schedule to help facilitate progress. But the one thing I have to work on is going slow and remembering that progress is progress. Just like the bruised wrist healed over time, my body will continue to heal ever so slowly. I have to be patient and make the necessary adjustments. One slip up can mean a major setback. I don't want that - planning on being "good" for a long time!

Thanks for following - thanks for reading..... and remember every step is a victory!

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