Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pleasantly Surprised

I'm happy to report that my pulse and blood pressure have been holding steady inside the normal range. I've been more than religious about sticking to a healthy, clean and low sodium diet and I'm starting to realize the impact of these changes. However, I'm still moving forward with lots of caution and taking it easy to make sure I don't overdo it. Once I see the changes are working and I'm feeling better, it takes more discipline to hold back than it does to "make" myself exercise. I'm learning how to balance out resting, active resting, working out and running to my benefit.

Yesterday I did an easy 5 mile run on the treadmill. I have started walking for 5 minutes to warm up and allowing myself time at the end to cool off. I also take at least the first mile very slow and easy. If I'm feeling off in any way I keep it slow and easy. When I feel pretty good I gradually increase and play with my speed. I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt during and after my run yesterday. I can't wait to get a longer run in this weekend.

Tonight I went to taekwondo for an hour. Again, I take it easy during warm-ups so my heart rate comes up slowly without spiking.Tonight I don't think I got dizzy at all and even if I got a little out of breath, I recovered quickly. I was once again pleasantly surprised at how good I felt.

One of my online groups has a biking challenge going on this month to coincide with the Tour de France so I pledged 100 miles for the month. After I got home and ate (I was starving!) I hopped on the bike for a very easy 5 mile ride to get the challenge started. I like to read and have tried to find more time to read lately and so this worked well for helping me meet two of my goals.

I have not had my blood pressure meds for about 10 days now and I don't report back to the cardiologist until next Wednesday. I'm hoping my bp and heart rate hold steady so I can build my case to stay off of them! We will see.

Throughout this process I'm learning a lot about myself and life. I had to admit to a friend today that "being good" does have some benefit. I've always been one to push the limits and I don't see that changing any time soon, However, I am not willing to jeopardize my forward progress and the increased energy I'm feeling for a salty snack.

Still training for a full -Actually, I had this thought last week as I was trying to get my body balanced back out. I talked to my primary care and the cardiologist and while I have several stipulations to running - neither of them told me I couldn't run.  That helped me gather myself up and get back on the treadmill earlier this week. I'm anxiously moving forward one step at a time - where each step is a victory!

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