Sunday, July 12, 2015

I'm Ahead by 1 Point!

I hope your screen is big enough to see the faded out 1 - that's an 11:19. That's pretty slow for some of the young pups I know - but for a fat old lady diagnosed with congestive heart failure - it's good to see those double ones out front again.

After nearly a year and a half of not feeling good, I'm finally feeling so much better. I'm still off my blood pressure meds and feeling wonderful still. I've been taking it easy but am feeling well enough to push it just a bit. How will I know my new limits if I don't?

Three weeks of my meds and actually, my heart rate is still too low some nights to even take it according to the cardiologist. His orders were to not take it unless my pulse was at least 55 but most nights I'm running around 51 or 52. My blood pressure is totally fine too. No spikes! I'm so happy - and being so so good. I don't think I've ever used "happy" and "good" in a sentence in a positive connotation before! lol

I've got a good handle on my diet and I'm holding on tight. I know any slip-ups can mean I have to look at taking meds again or having an episode. And I don't like having episodes! So - I've given in to being very good and keeping it that way!

After my 10-miler last week, I didn't get any more runs in but I did two back-to-back taekwondo classes on Thursday and felt GREAT! I'm just so excited about feeling good. So tonight I grabbed about 3 miles on the TM. I am still trying to not run on taekwondo days - and tomorrow is class night. So I wanted to get some miles in early this week. I did push it a little bit. I stayed with a 4 minute run and 1 minute walk intervals for the whole run. But on the last minute of the run parts I kicked it up a little speed-wise. I worked my way up to running a 12 minute mile - which I hadn't seen in quite awhile. Then the last couple of run intervals I went on up to 11:19.. and it felt so good! I don't think I have overdone it either... I can't wait to kick it up a little more - I will be back! 

One thing that I am struggling with is this dark cloud hanging over my head. I am winning - but always waiting to see what a day will bring. It's like wondering all the time when an episode is going to happen. I'm still trying to ignore the thoughts and I am planning on arguing with the cardiologist at my next appointment to see if he'll take his diagnosis back. Since I'm working on being totally honest with myself right now - I have to say I'm still in denial. But I am winning.

I've got my blood pressure under control with minimal meds - mostly diet, my energy is back and I'm starting to pick up my running game once again. But I know I still have to proceed slowly and be careful. When I feel better - it's easier to ignore what the doc said - so I'm trying to stay focused on moving ahead slowly. But I am moving ahead....ahead of the game.

Onward with marathon training - one step at a time - every step is a victory!

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