Friday, July 17, 2015

Change of Vocabulary

I just finished up a 5K and had a blast! I was a little concerned about the heat tonight but it broke right before the race started and there was a breeze so it didn't end up being much of a factor. This is the first race I've done since I stopped taking the blood pressure meds. And you know what? I felt great!!!

One thing I wanted to do was listen to my body and I really don't know how it's going to act  until I get on the course. I walked quite a bit and went out slow. Once I got warmed up and crossed the halfway mark - I experimented with pushing it a little. I think this is the first race in the last 18 months since all this actually started that I had absolutely no issues. No shortness of breath, no chest pains, no dizziness, no chest tightness, no left arm pains.. nothing, nada, zero lingering signs of congestive heart failure.

As I was pushing along I thought about my mantra - every step a victory I kept my mind on it as I thoughtfully felt for each step to pound the pavement underneath my body as they carried me along. I think my heart smiled. I am not going to say that I have CHF anymore. I know I cannot ignore it and I do still have to deal with it - but I'm still winning. I'm just changing my vocabulary. Now I'm going to say I'm beating  CHF.

With that being said, I will continue taking the diuretic - I know I still need help with the extra fluid. (for now) And I'll still weigh in every morning as that tells me a lot about how my body is handling fluid. Plus I'll continue to check my bp regularly and listen to my body too. But I did not refill my bp meds and I will only take my bp a couple times a week now instead of every day. I am trying to relax without relaxing! I've been very strict with my foods and don't plan on changing that. I'm feeling so good - almost -but not quite back - to my old self.

Finally, I feel like I am moving forward - can set some new goals and push for them. What an ordeal this has all been and I've really learned a lot about myself. Coming across the finish line feeling like I did tonight was great. But you know I'm already looking forward to my next race. I'm ready to step it up. But one thing I have to remember is to listen to my body. It really is necessary for each journey to the finish line. That's what it's all about - finishing.

My mind goes to a couple of scriptures the first one in Ecclesiastes 9:11 that says the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. The other one is 1 Corinthians 9:24 that says run so you may obtain the prize. I know I'm never going to come in first- but I plan on always coming in!

While I was running tonight I thought about all the people I know who are battling illnesses - and it's a lot! Some people may run effortlessly but many people struggle to just get to the race and finishing is just shy of a miracle every single time. But for these who struggle through even though they may not be "swift" but still every step is a victory. We keep running....we keep finishing.

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