Monday, June 8, 2015

Winning Better

This weekend I got a sitter for my son and my daughter and I went to Indianapolis to attend the wedding of a good friend. There were many significant things that happened during this trip. First of all my daughter has just been diagnosed with fatty liver disease and is hoping to reverse it through diet and exercise. We knew we would have to go in and have sit-down meals to get the freshest and healthiest foods possible while on a road trip. We also took a small ice chest with some fresh fruits and veggies. I'm proud to say we did pretty good overall with almost no "cheat" foods whatsoever. We even went grocery shopping the night we got there so we could have a nice stock and not be tempted to eat out.

I bought humus and fresh veggies, but I have to give her credit for keeping me on track. The first container was a small one and came with pretzels. She suggested swapping it out for a larger container of humus and buying some fresh veggies to go with it. I did and we were both much happier! It was nice to both be on similar food journeys as it made making choices about where to eat a lot easier. There was no temptation whatsoever to drive through anything quick. We are both very serious about keeping our eating clean and that was great for a road trip. I have to say - it can be done! This pic is grilled fish, carrots and a fresh salad with no dressing. I googled the sodium content and these were the best options on the menu - I really don't like cooked carrots but they had no added salt.

Anyway - it can be done if your mind is set on doing it. I will say it's a fight and you'll have to eat a lot of salads. Now that I am back home - I'll be tightening it all back up and getting right back on track. But it helps a lot mentally to know that I didn't throw everything I've worked so hard for away for a few days. Sticking to the plan no matter what is definitely a victory in my book - and quite different for me!

Speaking of "victory" we found a race to run while we were there. The wedding wasn't until the afternoon - so we were able to get up early and grab a quick 5K Saturday morning. It started and ended at Victory Field! It was my daughter's first ever actual 5K and she rocked it! That made me so proud. I did pretty good too. I felt good which is always a plus, but I kept a decent pace. I'm no where near back to where I was pre-diagnosis but I'm getting a little better all along and I'm feeling better. Actually, the first mile wasn't bad at all. A lot of times the first 1.5 miles or so is really rough and I have to stop a lot to catch my breath. I actually stopped to walk because I knew I should - but not so much because I needed to. That felt great!

This week my focus will be to get back on my clean eating plan. I also have to get prepared mentally for a half marathon I'm doing this coming Sunday. You'd think I wouldn't get nervous -this will be my 17th half I should be used to it by now. But I'm nervous - I feel very undertrained and since the congestive heart failure diagnosis I get so worried that I will have a bad day. I actually haven't had an episode in awhile - but I still get nervous. All I can do is be good and keep the things I can under control - which I am dedicated to.

Overall right now I feel like I am winning better. I'm staying in control and working hard to do things right. (In case you didn't know that is very difficult for me! lol) It was significant for me to run this 5K at "Victory Field" and continue my journey with CHF on to victory. A journey of steps where I'm learning every step is a victory.

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