Saturday, June 20, 2015

Who Said "Hindsight's Always 20/20"?

What a week this has been! My take-away from the last 7 days is that hindsight is not  20/20. My experiences have fostered more questions than answers this week. First - on a good note- I did pass my testing and am now a purple belt in taekwondo. One more testing period (8-10 weeks) and I'll be an advanced belt! Who thought this fat senior would ever get this far? lol

I will have to admit that I had a rough time this week in taekwondo - just didn't feel good. My instructor babysat me though. She kept an eye out for me and kept reminding me to sit out if I didn't feel well. Like I'm going to sit out. I made it.

So I have been doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm taking my medications exactly as prescribed, I don't like that but I'm doing it. I'm taking my blood pressure almost every day and it's been within the right range - a little at the top of the "okay" range - and I'd like it down a bit more - but not high by any means. (side note- that's the one time I'm told I cannot run is when it is high - so I'm watching it closely) I'm watching my salt intake pretty close - okay so I'm hitting about an 80% on that area - My goal going forward is to be in the 90% range - gotta tighten that up just a little bit. But overall I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.

This week outta what seemed like nowhere comes this horrible episode. I've had worse, I will admit - but I haven't had any in awhile. Well, actually I haven't felt at the top of my game for the last couple of weeks. Stress, little sleep and life have disrupted my plans. That all adds up to higher bp and physical problems. Some of that I can fix, some I can't.

I was actually pretty surprised that I did so well after the half on Sunday - since it didn't go too well itself. By Tuesday I was ready for a run and grabbed an easy 3 out in the heat. Then that evening I pushed my son in his wheelchair through the park and evidently that was the "too much" I needed to avoid. It was a struggle from there on out.

Wednesday morning I woke up with an 8 pound weight gain. That's right - overnight - BAM!  I was short of breath, fatigued, had chest pains, was dizzy and my ankles were swollen all day. I sat with my feet elevated for a lot of the day and nothing helped. It was so frustrating. I did't dare try to run. By last night I was better and ran 2 very easy miles. I was happy with that. Today I had lost the 8 pounds plus an extra pound which made me happy (but is very dangerous). Then tonight I grabbed 4 easy miles again - and really enjoyed it! That was really cool AND it put me over 20 miles at 22.5 for the week. That's the first time I've been able to get over 20 miles in a week in a very long time. So take that CHF!

So looking back, I still don't know what caused this episode. I think that is the scary part. I already feel like I run with this dark cloud over my head. Trying to plan races without knowing how I am going to feel any particular day is frustrating for the Type A personality! Even not being able to make a solid training schedule is frustrating - but I'm getting there. I really want to build stamina, especially for the marathon. So the only way to do it - is to do it! As I go forward with a little bit darker cloud over my head - always nagging that I'm not going to be able to do this - I really don't know what to change.

I can tighten my eating up a little more and get more fresh with it. And even though I don't eat much of what others call "processed" foods - there is still room for improvement in that area. I really don't want to go talk to either my doc or the cardiologist (who didn't call me back this week btw - so he blew that trust - I quit - He's out.) because I'm afraid they will tell me something I don't want to hear.

For today - I won again. That's all I can do is keep doing. I'll keep moving forward as much and as fast as my body will let me. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other - and I'll let my body be the judge on how fast we do that each day. But we will do this thing! Because every step is a victory  and this week - I got 22.5 miles of steps. I like winning in the long run.

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