Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Now that I have settled Down...

So I had a rough race, who doesn't now and then, right? Not really any big deal in the long run. (pun intended!) But running with a CHF diagnosis hanging over your head can really weight you down. It just makes a rough run more difficult to sort through - especially emotionally. But I'm done whining and griping and kicking myself. It's time to find and fix my mistakes, suck it up and move forward.

My emotions have been all over the place and my thoughts went with them. I vacillated from one end of the spectrum to the other. If I couldn't even finish a half in a decent fashion what made me think I had any business training for a full? All the way to But I just did half a marathon - I'm already half way there - pretty or not. Finally I decided to settle in the middle. I may not be ready for a full today, but I won't let that limit my tomorrow.

I got out today for a three mile run and totally enjoyed it except for getting a little hot. There was a day I didn't run for a week after I finished a half. I took that to be a demonstration that I am in better shape and I am more "fit" going forward. With that in mind though, I really need to make some major changes.

My first change is in my eating. I've been eating a lot cleaner overall but I'm leaning back toward my old vegetarian ways. I will likely include chicken and fish occasionally but will be eating totally clean, fresh and whole as much as I can. Speaking of that - I'm down another 2 pounds this week! It's holding good, and not fluctuating much at all which means I'm not retaining a lot of water. That makes me feel really good even though that's not really my primary goal. My goal is to feel better doing what I do. And my other goal is to get off my meds and reverse CHF...I'm gonna do it too - you watch!

The other major change is in my training plan. Right now I am planning on running 3 times a week - one long, one medium and one short run. Along with that I have Taekwondo workouts twice a week. And I'll probably mix in a little weights and other workouts too here and there. I also want to do more yoga ( please suggest a new program or app - I am bored with the one I have - there's no flexibility in the lessons -- pun intended again! lol)

I also did some research on heat and congestive heart failure - mostly because I've been having a lot more chest pains when I run - at least at first. I may start wearing my heart monitor so I can keep a better eye on my heartrate at least while I'm warming up on a run. Ends up CHF and heat really do not mix. Heat is probably enemy number 2 - right behind salt. I will be doing most of my training inside on the treadmill this summer anyway as I don't have the opportunity to run outside much right now - so that should work out okay anyway.

OH! And the really good thing about this week? I feel great - actually had too much energy today - thinking that the bad race was not an "overdo" or I'd still be feeling it. When I overdo it I can't function hardly at all for a week. I definitely don't feel that - so it was more just a bad race like everyone has now and then.

Now that it's all sorted out - I feel good about training, and even about myself. I can move forward and push it a little...not a lot. I have to be ever mindful of this stupid diagnosis - but still work around it without hurting myself. I'm a problem solver - I used to teach middle school math - I'll figure it out eventually. And until then - every step will be a victory.

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