Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What the Doctor Don't Know!

My son's case manager for his home health was here yesterday and took a picture of my nice little collection of medals. Why? We share a cardiologist and she took it so she could show him what I mean by running just so he's clear on the matter. She thinks our definitions of running might be a little different. There may or may not have been some bribery in there somewhere. lol

I don't think she's really going to do that - but even if she does - I really don't care. I'm feeling so good and learning so much that I think I've got this!

I haven't been perfect on my diet but I've been doing lots better at managing my sodium intake. For awhile I really felt cheated in a way because I can't have all the "fun" stuff. I do still crave pizza by the way! No more call outs for Chinese or Mazzio's pizza and salad for me! (I had noted the salad from Mazzio's made my ankles swell the next day every single time.) I don't eat out of a can or a box anymore either. I do use some canned tomatoes that have "no salt added."

I looked at something the other day when I was in my munchies mood and it had 750 mg of sodium. My whole thought process has changed. I was like, "that's half what I want to take in over a day and  it's really just not worth it. This is changing my whole perspective on junk foods! I allowed myself a few chips this week - because they don't have much sodium in them, if you don't eat the whole bag. And I made my own salsa (chips-n-salsa my second favorite weakness right behind chocolate).

Since my diet has been so clean it has been a lot easier to tell what my body actually reacts to and what works best. I'm really liking what I'm seeing. I'm down around 12 pounds without even trying and it's finally starting to drop and stay down. I don't see near the fluctuations I did before. My weight is one of the main ways to find out what's going on with your body. With CHF you retain water - in the latter stages it can be super detrimental and actually cause pneumonia and death. I'm not planning on getting to that stage. And one prevention I am pro-active about is checking my weight every single morning. If I gain 2 or more pounds I retained basically that much water. That's bad. I actually haven't seen that over the last few days, my weight has steadily (and slowly) been dropping.

Exercising is going well too and I'm learning my new limits and the cost of pushing them. When I mind my manners (lol) I can do more but if I push it I pay for it. I'm learning where those cutoff points are. I'm also learning that even though I am on a run and feeling really  good - it's not a license to push at all. That's a delicate balance somewhere between pushing to grow and improve without overdoing it. But I really do not like the cost of overdoing it so I'm being super good even when no one's watching. lol

When I am exercising - I am using a lot of caution. I can do cardio class if I'm having a decent day - but I have to do it about half speed of all the teens in the class. Why does that bother me at 54? Shoot, I'm in my 50s - going to be a real senior in August and I still want to compete? Yes I do. But I am coming to peace with the fact that if I want to continue to do activities like taekwondo and cardio sessions (yes they are back to back on Thursday nights) I have to do it right for me.

All my life I have pushed the limits (you didn't expect that did you? lol). And now I'm learning that they are not all that bad and can actually allow you to do what you want if you respect them. As a life long rebel I feel like I'm losing here, lol - but I'm really winning this one. Actually, I'm way ahead this week. It's my first full week of full marathon training and I've worked out every day for several days in a row. I do have Friday planned as a full rest day because I'm running a 10K on Saturday. Right before I go to a special Mother-Daughter exercise class with my daughter.

Dedicated to the journey where every step is a victory!

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