Sunday, May 24, 2015

Week 4 - Here I Come!

So last week was a total wash-out - and I partly mean that as a pun because it's been flooding in my region. (smile) I started out okay but just kind of had one of my "bottom out" weeks. I did get in two back-to-back sessions of taekwondo on Thursday night and got a few miles in. I have no excuses except I just didn't feel well - and I am laying that "excuse" aside this week and planning on kicking butt.

I think what is difficult is finding that fine between pushing myself to achieve my goals and overdoing it and getting myself in a bind. It's just plain frustrating. I'm doing things right but my body doesn't act like it wants to cooperate. It's like I do real good for a couple of weeks and then the bottom falls out. I'm actually not sure if it's something I need to just push through - or if that will be a major overdo -- I don't like those at all. They knock me out of the game for several days. So today I was cooking along real good on a nice and easy 3 miles on the TM and decided to just pull back a little bit I think that I may just be getting excited that I feel decent sometimes and push it a little too much. This week - I'm going to shoot for more miles but I'm going to set my goal to cover them all slowly. It's just about finding the limits -- I will do this!

I've been doing okay with the food thing too. I'm learning to look everything up if I don't know what the sodium content is. That helps at get togethers I've found. I also take my own snacks and that helps too. I will say I'm not watching it as close as I was and I need to pull that back in a little bit; but I am still being careful and trying not to overdo it on salt. I will say I've lost about 12 pounds since this all started. Once I axed the salt I lost 8 pounds immediately. Then I slowly lost 2 more and now I'm down a couple more... long ways to go but progress is progress.

So here we go with an effort to get more miles but get them easier period. That is very difficult for me but I am determined to do this and do it right. Every once in awhile I just get plain tired and I think maybe I should just quit - maybe it's not best. The thoughts run rampant and I question myself. But it's just not in me to give up - I'm all about pushing the limits. I think that's what so frustrating about having to think about a chronic condition like CHF and train. I'm trying to learn my limits - but not so I can push them so much - but so I can use them to my advantage. That's taking quite a different mental game than before. But I will figure it out....*sigh*

So here we go- another week of training starting and another week of making the necessary changes and adaptations to make it work. That's okay - because every step is a victory!

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