Saturday, May 2, 2015

Let's Get this Party Started!

So I delayed marathon training by one week so it's time to get started. Tomorrow is my official starting date for full marathon training. I am using a 4:1 run/walk interval plan. It's Coach Jenny Hadfield's marathon training plan. It includes 4 running days and 2 cross training days each week with one total rest day. That's going to be my foundation. My 2 cross training days are of course taekwondo nights. Part of my plan includes NOT running on those days. Even when I am having a great day it can be too much too easily.

This week I used as sort of a trial week. I set my goal miles (20) and tried to achieve them without overdoing it. You know what? I did it! I spread out my workouts and threw in cross training and even an additional 30 minute cardio class one night. The cardio class is after my taekwondo class and I was playing it by ear. If I felt okay and did well in taekwondo - then I could stay for cardio. I did fine so I stayed. I did not push it as hard as the other participants. I'm learning to pace myself without pushing my limits in a way that overdoes. That's been tricky - but I am determined!

I seem to have my diet under control and yesterday (but certainly NOT today) my ankles were not swollen at all. They actually looked normal all day yesterday. That really is a big deal because they stay enlarged almost all the time. (sorry for the ugly visual - but hey - I gotta live with it! lol) I've learned a lot about sodium consumption and allow myself some "cheats" but not bombs. I allow myself some stuff that has more sodium in it but allows me to stay under my 2000mg limit for the day. I have to admit - I do and feel lots better when I keep it down closer to 1500mg. Sometimes now I just look at stuff and think how it's so not worth it to be out for a day or two to recover just for a salty snack. I think I'm winning on that end. I'm certainly not perfect and still have a long way to go, but making progress.

Probably the most difficult thing that I faced this week was feeling better. I know that sounds kind of funny, but my best day this week was Thursday and I wanted to head out for a nice run. But since I had taekwondo that night I just couldn't do it. I knew if I went out and felt good running I'd keep going. It was too big of a risk to take. I am determined to not overdo it. I am liking feeling good a little too much.

So here we go. Tomorrow is my first scheduled run for full marathon training. I have lots of mixed feelings. On one hand I'm very excited; but on the other I'm very worried. There's what I would call an action plan in place for now to make sure I don't overdo it. At least I'm going to try my best to get in as many solid workouts, strength training, taekwondo, yoga, biking, etc that I can without overdoing it. But I really do not have a plan for those days that are sure to occur when I just don't feel well. It's inevitable I'm sure no matter how "good" I am. My goal is to keep from crashing emotionally when I have those down times. I'll work it out you can be sure of that.  Until then:

I'm dedicated to the journey where every step is a victory!

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