Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lesson Learned...I Hope

Okay - so I have to suck it up and admit that I overdid it yesterday. I actually made several mistakes that I have to correct going forward. I know I should not have run 3 days in a row and even if running 3 days in a row was okay - I shouldn't have gone for 6 and a half miles. Live and learn.

I've been doing a lot of research about congestive heart failure and one of the signs of overdoing it is actually how you feel the next day. Well, I could tell yesterday afternoon I had OD'd on running. I did recoup pretty good though. However, today has been horrible. I am basically exhibiting all those  dreaded symptoms of CHF. I'm out of breath, have lots of chest pains and feel exhausted. I don't think I realized how much better I've been feeling overall; but it all comes back to me now for sure.

With this new information I have a few things to work on. First of all, I need to get a solid marathon training plan instead of just flying by the seat of my pants. I will find or develop one that sets running goals that are reasonable for me. I'm thinking about adapting a 3-run a week plan where I do a short run, a medium length run and a long run each week. But that makes me really mad. I just want to run when I want to run and feel good about it. Ugh!

But I do know that if I want to run - and feel okay doing it I am going to have to set some limits as frustrating as that is. I don't do well with rules in case you hadn't noticed. Time to suck it up and move forward with this new information though.

My training plan should have 3 runs a week for starters, and I still have taekwondo twice a week as well. I'm thinking about how to incorporate some gentle biking and some strength training in there too. I actually haven't given up on the idea of the Spartan Races either. I think if  I start small enough and build up gradually I can do it. I guess it will be next year's goal for now though.

Anyway - I see the error of my ways and am picking myself up - dusting myself off and moving forward. I don't include quit or can't  in my vocabulary. Time to adjust and keep moving - no matter how slowly I have to go. Today is a forced rest day - time to recoup and re-hydrate.  I have my sites set on Sunday's half and that helps me be good. Besides the fact that I have no

I'm going to prove that I can run a marathon with congestive heart failure. I just have to learn to be good first. I got this!

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