Sunday, April 26, 2015

16th Half Marathon in the Books!

It started out pretty- but by the end I was rethinking why I even run to begin with! lol This was a very unusual race for me. First of all I started out great - had no breathlessness or any of the normal-for-everyone warm up feelings of yuck. Before I knew it, I was at the first mile marker and my Nike app told me I'd done it in just over 11 minutes. I was shocked because I thought I was running at a comfortable pace.

For the first 7 miles it was a picture perfect race. I was holding strong and at the 7 mile marker I was at less than an hour and a half. That's nearly monumental for me. Then by mile 8 -close to 9 it all went away. My body decided I'd gone too far too fast and it began to revolt. I decided to push it since I was still in line for a half PR. I know... it was a very bad idea.

For the first 6 miles I was under 13 minutes except for mile 3 which was a 13:06. I ended up with a 13:19 minute mile average - which all things considered is not too bad.

I had a weird emotional breakdown at one point. I heard the drums from a distance but thought I'd be okay. I came up on a drumline that was playing some cadences. It's the first time I'd seen a drumline live since my son was seriously injured in an automobile accident. We had watched videos from time to time to help stimulate him, but I hadn't seen one live. He was a drummer before he suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2008. I am his caregiver - he is not able to do anything for himself, let alone play the drums. It caught me off guard and I crumbled up and cried for a bit... then decided he is the reason I started running to begin with - so I ran away as fast as I could.

After I finished I had several indications that I had pushed it too hard. A lot of times I have chest pains after I exercise, not while I am exercising. I had LOTS of pains and felt horrible for a long time. I'm sure I overdid it and will need to rest for the next 3 days or so to catch back up.

What did I learn? Even if I "feel okay" it's not okay to push it period. I cannot take that chance anymore. From now on in training and in racing will monitor my speed more closely to ensure I am staying under certain limits. I think I need to buy a garmin to do that! All I needed was an excuse! lol

As I embark on full marathon training this little "wake up" race was probably good for me. It reminds me that I have to take it a little easier. I will add miles slowly - even though that chaps me! AND I'm going to remember to add speedwork in slowly and with discretion as well.

But for today - I won again. This is my third half marathon this year - post CHF diagnosis. Even though I didn't do it right today - I kicked its butt one more time and the medal is hanging on my wall to prove it. I haven't been real smart the last week or so; but I will make necessary changes as I proceed. But I still recognize that every step is a victory and with each step I continue to win.

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