Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Who Knew?

This week I have a renewed determination to do this thing right. Overall, I had a pretty good week last week and only had a couple of times where I slipped up and fell off the low sodium diet wagon. So I reported it to a running group (Coach Jenny Hadfield's Challenge Group). I'm trying to build circles of accountability so that I am not so likely to do stupid stuff -- or at least not repeat them over and over... lol.

I got chewed out for eating one little can of ravioli last week. At first I was like "If that's all  I did I'm doing so much better!" But they didn't let it go - in a good sort of way. A whole conversation opened up about sodium and how much is in our foods. There are some types of foods that have sodium naturally. And there is added salt. Somehow I thought that "table" salt wasn't as bad as the sodium found in prepackaged foods. So I've been shakin' that shaker all over my foods. I was also making some other mistakes.

The "ravioli infraction" led to a lengthy conversation and lots of useful information. I was politely challenged by a friend (True friends always tell you the truth btw.) to count every mg of sodium for a day just to see how much I was consuming. Honestly, I was shocked. I really believe I have been going way over the 1500-2000 mg allowed in a day. Who knew?  I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about food and nutrition but I was shocked!

What am I going to do with this new information? Make even more changes! 

I'm actually feeling a lot better overall and it seems that I have more stamina when I do exercise. Nutrition has to be under control before I venture much further into marathon training. However, armed with this new knowledge I am more comfortable moving forward with training. I've added more cross training lately and so far have an exercise streak going. I've done something everyday for over a week so far. I really think the exercising is helping a lot - and I'm being careful to keep doing but not overdo.

There's so much to balance out and keep together. I'm working hard to not feel overwhelmed and as I get each area together, it seems I am feeling stronger and better. My biggest challenge right now seems to be slowing down when I don't feel good. It's still hard for me to admit I can't do something; or that I don't feel  like doing something. I am sure that eventually I will get it all sorted out. How can I be so sure?

I want to do another marathon -- I will do another marathon. It might take me all day - but I'm going to do it.

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