Monday, January 13, 2014

My Personal Challenge

Last year I had my own mantra - Make it Happen! My big goal was to do a destination race. I chose the Chicago half marathon. There were several reasons behind this specific choice. For one, I was living in Chicago when my son was injured in a car accident and I became his primary caregiver. There was something empowering about going back and knocking out a half marathon there. It was also my personal goal since I had felt like I could not travel to races due to my circumstances. It was an "Yes, I can!" moment. I did it to prove that I can do anything - it might take more organization and work than others have to face; but I did it! That was the premise behind my own "Make it Happen!" campaign.

This year I have designed my own personal campaign again. This year it's my own Just do Something! fitness campaign. I propose to do something every day. My goal is for it to be at least 30 minutes each day and some form of exercise. Today will be day 7 of my streak! I was at the hospital from the 1st to the 6th. So I actually started on the 7th. Even in the hospital I did wall squats and chair exercises, but I'm not counting that as part of my streak.

Today is a rest day so I will ride my stationary bike and let my muscles rest. I have lots of variety so if I need a change it is possible. I think I am carrying this over into my spiritual life too. Over the last year I had become pretty lax in Bible study, worship and prayer. I don't think there is, or should be, a set way to stay diligent in our spiritual lives, but it is essential to stay focused on our goal - Him. I'm learning to take things one day at a time and set smaller goals which help add up to my ultimate goals. Just like in running I am encouraging myself to meet each day's goal. Then when I look back, I see how much better I feel and how much I am accomplishing fitness wise.

Daily goals are important to my spiritual life as well. For instance, one goal has been to get back to maintaining this journal/blog. (If you think about it - a blog is just a journal I chose to share publicly) But I'm finding that I make my larger goals - like be more consistent with training, train for a marathon, write more in my blogs, etc and then just keep the smaller daily goals to achieve them.

Today my personal goal is simply to embrace encouragement. I will not let the circumstances of life get me down. If someone else encourages me - I will take it! We have that choice every time we read or watch an inspiring story, hear a word of encouragement or someone else offers us positive input. The positive can be embraced, or ignored. I for one will not wallow in the pity that is so convenient - I will take any and all encouragement from others, inspiring stories, and  scriptures today. I will be encouraged and I will embrace the positive today.

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