Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Issuing Personal Challenges

I know - long time no see - but I'm back! There are lots of holes in the story and maybe I will fill them in over time. For now I'll just start with where I am. I issued myself a personal challenge 9 days ago. My goal was to run every single day and to see how long I could do that. It didn't matter to me if it was only a mile - I wanted to see how it would feel to run some everyday.Then my friends on dailymile.com issued a 100k challenge.

The 100K challenge is to run a 10K everyday for 10 days. I figured that would work well with my own challenge to run every day so I accepted it! Yesterday was day 8 of running every single day; and it was day 3 of the 10 day challenge. I've learned a lot already.

I found out I am made of tougher stuff than I thought! (lol) That translates into "so far so good"! It's been difficult as my body cries out to stop and rest - but I keep going. The good thing is I am seeing some benefit already. I've started to lose a little weight (I need to lose about 30 pounds!), I'm feeling better and I surprised myself. Yup! I had no idea I could push myself harder....and live!

When we push ourselves we find out that we are much more capable of doing much more than we ever could have realized. But we will never know if we settle for the status quo! Just getting by is our enemy. We will not know where our boundaries are unless we push them a little bit. It's been worth it to me so far to realize I am capable of so much more. Now mind you - understand - I am not saying it's been pretty but I am saying I can see a real difference already (when I am not too sore to think about it).

I think we settle for far too less in life too. We could do and be so much more but it is easy to settle into what is comfortable and fail to press on to bigger and better things. I think of some of the characters in the Bible who did not settle for less. Daniel comes to mind - he was a captive, or prisoner, in another country - but he had an excellent spirit. Joseph was in similar circumstances and never gave up. Today as I get my run in I will be thinking about reaching just a little bit further than what is comfortable. I want to do more - and be more; but it will not happen unless I get out of that comfort zone. Will you join me?

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