Friday, January 25, 2013

Make it Happen!

This is my new mantra - Make it Happen! I had a conversation with someone the other day who was talking about something they wanted to do. They could not even plan toward it as they began with all these negatives about why they couldn't do it and how it wasn't going to work out. I asked them if that's what they really wanted to do - they affirmed. I said then Make it happen!

Do you want to run a 5K?  10K? Half marathon? or a full? Then make it happen. Do what you need to do to get it done. I crawled a full marathon last year and have another planned for this year. I hope I do not crawl the last 6.2 again though! lol. No one can do your training for you. No one can kick you out of the bed in the morning or run your miles for you. If you want it - go get it!

This is just one of the life lessons I have learned from running (and life!). I can sit around and whine about how out of shape I am or how slow I run...or I can get off the couch and change it. But no one can change it for me. To balance it out, I also know that there really are some things in life that I cannot control, especially if it concerns someone else's actions. Those things are not worth worrying over - just let them go. When we fret over all the things that really cannot be changed, we will only burden ourselves.

I am in the beginnings of training for a second marathon. I also have a half in between! It is not always easy for me to rearrange my schedule to get in a run and it is even more difficult for me to get on the dreadmill and get a run in on days when the schedule didn't allow an outside run. But I have a choice - run or don't! If I want it - I have to go get it - I have to make it happen. I will not wake up in the morning in shape for a marathon if I have not trained! lol (wouldn't that be nice though?)

I really believe that every area of life can be handled this way. Do you want  to know God? Make it happen - seek Him.  Do you want to pray or study more? Make it happen - schedule a time and stick to it. Do you want to eat better? Make it happen....get the idea?

This is my mantra this year - and I intend to Make it Happen!

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