Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Think I'm Ready!

I have been running for three years now and actually next week will be the third anniversary of my very first 5K - runners you know the one when running gets in your blood? Yeah, that one! Well, this spring I did three half marathons in 72 days and I think I am finally ready to go for the full marathon. My goal is next April's OKC Memorial Marathon. I've done four half marathons now and will probably do a couple more this fall if I can find them in my area. Mentally I have already begun training.

This means I really have to change up my diet and training schedule. I pretty well live in that mode anyway but tackling a marathon seems way out there for me and so I have to make a few adjustments. I hope to keep up this blog and share my training triumphs and woes. One thing I have noticed already is that it is difficult to work on everything all at once. When I started adding miles to prepare for half marathons, my speed suffered. It's a whole different mentality altogether. Of course some of that I noticed since I broke my knee cap last year. But I am getting close to my original speeds on 5Ks. (But remember it's all still in old lady speeds anyway - so it's not really all that fast! lol)

So here we go - Yesterday I did 4.2 miles of speed work on the treadmill. Today I will only do a couple of miles and strength training if all goes as planned. It is almost exactly one mile from my front door to the gym. That makes it perfect to make an easy run up there - work out for a half hour - then jog it back home.

So here we go - by the way - here's my latest pic from my last race. I did a 5K Saturday and got 3rd place in my age group! And yes there were more than 3 people in my age group! lol!

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