Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Progress is Progress!

Okay - I know I am old and slow - and coming off a semi-major injury...but when I did the 5 miler in under an hour I was very happy with that. I actually had just a little over 11 minute miles. It felt like my work had paid off. I was still way behind the pack - but for me it was a good run! And by the way - the outside temperature was 19 degrees F.... just to finish this cold booger was quite a feat!

The really cool thing is when I crawled back on the treadmill yesterday I realized my base time is faster. When I started running on the treadmill I stayed at 4 mph on slow runs. I had been working on it all this time and shot for some 5 mph and 6mph  speeds. Yesterday I did almost my whole 2 miles at 4.5 mph. I know that it not much - but sometimes we need to celebrate the small progresses we make.

Today - take some time to celebrate some type of progress you have made. Maybe you have stayed on an eating plan for a day or two - celebrate your accomplishment! Some may have added distance to your run - it's time to celebrate! Maybe for some you were able to keep your cool in a harrowing situation - celebrate your accomplishment!

In the Christian world we are not allowed to celebrate these small things. We are taught that it is prideful to take joy in what we accomplish. Now if you go overboard and rent out a billboard to let the whole world know that you accomplished some feat - that is probably too much! But we must take pride in what we do - even in the small things. Give yourself a pat on the back today for something you have been able to accomplish. I promise - it will help your overall attitude and ability to cope with the rest of the day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Staying on Track

It sounds funny to say it, but the most difficult part of training is staying on track. If you relax for one day, the next day it is even easier to relax. It takes staying with the training program one day at a time. As I am preparing for the OKC Memorial Half Marathon I am having to really concentrate on staying focused. And the funny part is - it's something I actually want to do.  But I know that if I do not stay on track every single day (including rest days) I will still complete the half marathon - but not as easily as if I stay with my training program daily.

 If it is difficult to be consistent with something that I actually want to do - think about how much more difficult it is to do things that have to be done - but that are not chosen. To get to any goal - it will take doing what each day requires. What are you struggling with today? Is it difficult because you are looking at the whole picture? I have to look at a whole 13.1 mile run to know how close I am to that goal - but I do not run that distance every day. (Honestly, I have not run that distance since I ran the OKC half last year --thanks broken knee cap!) Even though I do not have to run that distance every single day - I must run some  distance most days to achieve the goal.

 What are you dreading today? Think about the final outcome - and then just do the small piece that you need to complete today to work toward that goal. This is no different when we think about our own personal belief system. Most of us do not even try to pretend that we are perfect - or that we have completed our faith race...but we are still running it!

Concentrate on staying with the faith program today.  You will not run the whole race today - just run the part that is before you today..and run this part well.

 Do what you need to do today to stay in faith. Plain and simple. Read some from the Bible, spend some time in prayer; I would say to worship but that is a life style - it's a life laid out before Him in total surrender to His will and His way. Do what you can toward complete abandonment to Him today - relax...but keep moving toward Christ - our goal.