Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Ran Bernice, Louisiana!

When I first started running, my son was in a nursing home in Bernice. I would get up early in the morning and go for a run so I could get back and get a shower before they started the patient showers. (yes, I literally stayed there with him!) So tonight, I ran it in my mind...but there's more to the story.

 My own life is filled with much stress - just like everyone else! Part of my struggles means that I am limited to running on a treadmill and not outside. Did I mention yet that I hate  the treadmill? And running in the evening is even worse because I can't see out the window so I stare at the living room wall! This just makes it more of a struggle to get on the thing! lol!

 Quite honestly, I get depressed and just want to quit! Imagine that! So I had stayed off for nearly a week... even though I already signed up for the half marathon for April. So I had to make a choice - am I going to be a runner, or not? If I want to be a runner, then I will have to make use of the treadmill for training...

Then I had this crazy thought. I decided that while I was running I would think about all my different races and the places I have run. You know what? It worked! So I picked one to focus on last night. I thought about Bernice, Louisiana. I ran the routes over in my mind - it was really a pretty little town! I pictured all the trees, the old barns and railroad station...I thought about all the places I ran in preparation for that first 5k! It was a great place to run!

 The point is - to get where we want to we may have to suck it up and run! One of my favorite blogs is called, "Shut Up and Run!" I decided to do just that! I can whine about my circumstances - or I can suck it up - and run! It may mean that I have to do it in a way that is not as enjoyable as others - or in a way that is not preferred - but I can do this!

 What's your biggest obstacle to being the runner you want to be? Or perhaps your obstacles and hindrances are in other areas of your life. It does not matter really what the goals are - it is a matter of choosing whether or not you really want to accomplish them. We all have the option of sitting and complaining - or getting up getting going. It's about which path you want to take. It really goes for our faith too... do we really want to walk it out? Or do we want to sit around and whine about how difficult life is? life is difficult... period. faith is a choice... who do you want to be?  Suck it up - and run toward it then!!

 This evening -- I'm running New Orleans!

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