Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Real Discipline Comes in Waiting

Well, I am up and running some. I'm still going slowly and allowing my body to try to adjust back to the more active lifestyle. Over the weekend I put in a 2 mile tread mill run and did it in right at 30 minutes. I felt real good about that coming off the injury. Yesterday I did my first real outside run in over 2 months! Sheesh! I did 2.2 miles in 27 minutes. I was pretty happy with it except I really wanted to push it to the 3 mile mark.

 There is is a little .4 mile trail through the park and adding an out and back on it at the end of the run would have made 3 miles exactly! But I have to stir up that discipline to not tag it on! My body was hurting but my mind was exhilarated to be running again! As excited as I was I could not risk the injury that can come from doing too much too quickly; so I held back.

 I realized then that the discipline to hold back like that is more important than the discipline to make myself get out and run when I don't feel like it! This body is the only one I get while traveling through time. If I injure it through negligence or ignorance I don't get another chance at another body!

So the discipline is in waiting even when I feel good about the run! I have to gradually build up my weekly miles and I have a 5K this Saturday morning. I can only run another mile - maybe two this week and be inside of safe! So what do you think... does the wisdom come from discipline - or the discipline from wisdom?

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