Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Mile a Day Until Jan 1...

That was the challenge issued by Runner's World magazine! They are doing this big try-to-keep-everybody-in-shape campaign during this part of the year. I thought about it for quite awhile before I signed up to do it. It's not like a contest or anything and there is no other reward than being in shape really.  But I didn't want to say I'd do something that I wasn't going to do. It may sound crazy,but we must first have integrity with ourselves before we can ever have it with others.

 So I have done it for two days. I will do my mile today after I finish writing a couple of blogs this morning. I think running at least a mile every day will help me stay focused. I can only run a mile today and stay within my limits. I am still on the mend from the busted knee cap so I cannot add miles too fast. I did do a 4.4 mile long run this week. (one of the reasons I have to only run one mile today!)

 I guess some people take the season off. I do not know what that means! I try to do a race a month every single month and fortunately around here there is usually one available. Last year I did get off track though since we had two blizzards and an ice storm. It would keep the aid away for days because of travel hazards. That meant I could not run and it made the winter months a difficult time to stay with the plan. But this year - I have a treadmill which means no excuses or escapes! So from now until January 1, 2012 I am going to try to run at least one mile a day.

 See how important goals are? Think how simple it sounds (to runners) to simply run one mile per day. But if you actually accomplish it then you will get in 7 miles a week just doing that! But of course some days you'll run regular distances. and in one month that will be 30 or 31 days! Actually, there are exactly 36 days from today until Jan 1. That means for the rest of the year I'll get in nearly 40 miles just running one a day!

It is important in many aspects of our lives to set goals. Set them so that they are reachable. But do not make them so small that they are no challenge or you'll lose interest and fail. I am learning to set daily goals in my life and it seems to be helping me visualize the bigger picture much clearer! I dare you - go ahead and set some goals today...and have integrity with yourself first.

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