Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My 500th Mile This Year

Yesterday I did not want to run the mile I had committed to run. I simply did not feel good. But I drug myself onto the treadmill and beat it out anyway! I still say that integrity is not integrity at all unless we have it with ourselves first. So to keep my commitment that I made to myself I crawled onto the treadmill yesterday to pound out a mile.
 When I get done with my run everyday I go straight to the computer and log it. I use two places. Runners World is my official run log. I always put my time even when it sucks on that one. And if I do a couple of workouts in the day (which is very - very rare) then I make sure to include it on this log. The other one is more for social purposes and a little more fun. I use Daily Mile for this one. That is the one if I have a really poor workout and don't want anyone to know it took me an hour to get two and a half miles in I do not put it up! lol! --hey - we're allowed secrets! Runners World remains my official log and I do not post it publicly that is where my secrets remain.

 Yesterday after I dragged myself through one terrible mile I logged it on both sites. I shared with the social media world that I had completed my mile. Then I logged on to Runners World to put my official (but sucky) time. As I checked the calendar to see how I was doing on my shoe mileage I noticed my miles for the year. I have run exactly 500 miles with that last piece of drudgery. Boy was I excited! I kept thinking I wish I had seen that first I'd have had more energy for the run!

Many times we really do not know what we are accomplishing until later. We go through our daily lives not realizing who we are touching or what difference we are making in the world around us. It is so important to keep putting one foot in front of the other one. It does all add up....eventually! And whether or not we ever realize it on this side of eternity - there is progress being made...people are being keep doing what you are doing naturally. God really does have a log and He's keeping track of the miles you run for Him - Keep running the race of life! Run to Him!

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