Monday, November 28, 2011

More Difficult Than I Thought!

When I committed to running one mile a day for the rest of the year, I thought it would be a cinch. Seriously! Yesterday I did a little more than 2 because I did some speed work and my mind set is geared toward getting ready for a 5K by the end of next week. Today was supposed to be an easy mile. Sheesh!

 It took several minutes to convince myself that this is indeed going to be worth it; and that it will take less than 15 minutes of my precious time! lol! But I finally drug my cold butt onto the treadmill this morning and slowly took off. It took me much longer than I thought to get warmed up and going. Once I did though, I raised my base speed from 4 mph to 4.2 mph. (don't laugh I am old and coming off a major injury!)That's when I realized the whole point is to better myself as a runner. Isn't it?

 If I can simply raise my base speed and keep my metabolism going it is beneficial enough. Plus I am guaranteed at least 7 miles a week! lol! I will never get that few I don't think! My hope is when January 1 gets here I may increase it to either 1.5 a day or 2 miles a day. Or... I may just try to keep it up for an entire mind is working while my body works - can you tell?

 Isn't that true in life though? We hit an obstacle that is much more difficult than we thought it was going to be - well we wouldn't have signed up if we'd have thought it was going to be difficult, we only signed on because it sounded easy! - but once we discipline ourselves to reach that goal we begin to expand as an individual....funny how God made us that way huh?  What ways is He expanding you today?

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