Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's a Slow Climb!

Well I have been officially training again for about a month. I guess in light of all I've been through with the busted knee cap I am not doing too badly! I have learned a lot about my body. That's one thing I have really enjoyed about running - learning about myself. Although I basically had to start over I did not have to start at zero with nothing like when I first started running nearly 3 years ago.

 I learned a lot by having some forced down time. I learned that I am in pretty good shape for 51 years old! That the world didn't in because I couldn't run (but that was challenging!), and that you can really start over - but it's not easy. One of the most difficult things is knowing my potential. Don't take that as being cocky - because my potential is still slow! lol! But I know I can run a half marathon - I've done it. However, I am having to start with 3 mile "long runs" all over again! Next week - 4... I think! I cannot risk injury.

 The part that is encouraging though is that I see and feel my progress as I am training again. I can literally feel myself getting stronger. (I know it's there - just beneath the muscle pain!) I feel my stamina getting better too.

 Even though it seems like such a slow climb, it is progress nonetheless! When we "mess up" with God - we do not start over at zero either. And while we must work to get ourselves back in line with Him it's not that difficult...we come to the altar knowing the right paths and decisions to be made. And even though it may seem slow - He will walk us through each step as we grow back into touch with Him. So for anyone reading (if there is anyone! lol)... who feels like you can't get back to Him - please remember two things -
  1. Yes you can--
  2. He never left
It may be a slow process but it's very do-able. If you have been walking out of step with Him - just start walking in step with Him again. He's been waiting for you!

 And while you are getting your step back - here's a picture of the third place medal I won at my first "come-back" race last week! (and yest - there were more than three people in my age group!)

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