Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My 500th Mile This Year

Yesterday I did not want to run the mile I had committed to run. I simply did not feel good. But I drug myself onto the treadmill and beat it out anyway! I still say that integrity is not integrity at all unless we have it with ourselves first. So to keep my commitment that I made to myself I crawled onto the treadmill yesterday to pound out a mile.
 When I get done with my run everyday I go straight to the computer and log it. I use two places. Runners World is my official run log. I always put my time even when it sucks on that one. And if I do a couple of workouts in the day (which is very - very rare) then I make sure to include it on this log. The other one is more for social purposes and a little more fun. I use Daily Mile for this one. That is the one if I have a really poor workout and don't want anyone to know it took me an hour to get two and a half miles in I do not put it up! lol! --hey - we're allowed secrets! Runners World remains my official log and I do not post it publicly that is where my secrets remain.

 Yesterday after I dragged myself through one terrible mile I logged it on both sites. I shared with the social media world that I had completed my mile. Then I logged on to Runners World to put my official (but sucky) time. As I checked the calendar to see how I was doing on my shoe mileage I noticed my miles for the year. I have run exactly 500 miles with that last piece of drudgery. Boy was I excited! I kept thinking I wish I had seen that first I'd have had more energy for the run!

Many times we really do not know what we are accomplishing until later. We go through our daily lives not realizing who we are touching or what difference we are making in the world around us. It is so important to keep putting one foot in front of the other one. It does all add up....eventually! And whether or not we ever realize it on this side of eternity - there is progress being made...people are being keep doing what you are doing naturally. God really does have a log and He's keeping track of the miles you run for Him - Keep running the race of life! Run to Him!

Monday, November 28, 2011

More Difficult Than I Thought!

When I committed to running one mile a day for the rest of the year, I thought it would be a cinch. Seriously! Yesterday I did a little more than 2 because I did some speed work and my mind set is geared toward getting ready for a 5K by the end of next week. Today was supposed to be an easy mile. Sheesh!

 It took several minutes to convince myself that this is indeed going to be worth it; and that it will take less than 15 minutes of my precious time! lol! But I finally drug my cold butt onto the treadmill this morning and slowly took off. It took me much longer than I thought to get warmed up and going. Once I did though, I raised my base speed from 4 mph to 4.2 mph. (don't laugh I am old and coming off a major injury!)That's when I realized the whole point is to better myself as a runner. Isn't it?

 If I can simply raise my base speed and keep my metabolism going it is beneficial enough. Plus I am guaranteed at least 7 miles a week! lol! I will never get that few I don't think! My hope is when January 1 gets here I may increase it to either 1.5 a day or 2 miles a day. Or... I may just try to keep it up for an entire mind is working while my body works - can you tell?

 Isn't that true in life though? We hit an obstacle that is much more difficult than we thought it was going to be - well we wouldn't have signed up if we'd have thought it was going to be difficult, we only signed on because it sounded easy! - but once we discipline ourselves to reach that goal we begin to expand as an individual....funny how God made us that way huh?  What ways is He expanding you today?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Mile a Day Until Jan 1...

That was the challenge issued by Runner's World magazine! They are doing this big try-to-keep-everybody-in-shape campaign during this part of the year. I thought about it for quite awhile before I signed up to do it. It's not like a contest or anything and there is no other reward than being in shape really.  But I didn't want to say I'd do something that I wasn't going to do. It may sound crazy,but we must first have integrity with ourselves before we can ever have it with others.

 So I have done it for two days. I will do my mile today after I finish writing a couple of blogs this morning. I think running at least a mile every day will help me stay focused. I can only run a mile today and stay within my limits. I am still on the mend from the busted knee cap so I cannot add miles too fast. I did do a 4.4 mile long run this week. (one of the reasons I have to only run one mile today!)

 I guess some people take the season off. I do not know what that means! I try to do a race a month every single month and fortunately around here there is usually one available. Last year I did get off track though since we had two blizzards and an ice storm. It would keep the aid away for days because of travel hazards. That meant I could not run and it made the winter months a difficult time to stay with the plan. But this year - I have a treadmill which means no excuses or escapes! So from now until January 1, 2012 I am going to try to run at least one mile a day.

 See how important goals are? Think how simple it sounds (to runners) to simply run one mile per day. But if you actually accomplish it then you will get in 7 miles a week just doing that! But of course some days you'll run regular distances. and in one month that will be 30 or 31 days! Actually, there are exactly 36 days from today until Jan 1. That means for the rest of the year I'll get in nearly 40 miles just running one a day!

It is important in many aspects of our lives to set goals. Set them so that they are reachable. But do not make them so small that they are no challenge or you'll lose interest and fail. I am learning to set daily goals in my life and it seems to be helping me visualize the bigger picture much clearer! I dare you - go ahead and set some goals today...and have integrity with yourself first.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Definition of Inspiration

Yesterday ended up a lot cooler than I thought it was going to be. I didn't really want to run as I have not been running outside in the cool and haven't had a chance to get my body accustomed to it. As I was contemplating whether or not to go for my "long" run, I started sharing a story with the aid who was here to help with Chris.

 I was telling her about a story I read. It was about an athlete, Fred Duling who had run a particular Thanksgiving Day race for 51 years in a row. But last year right after T-giving he had an accident in which he broke his back. He spent most of the year in hospitals and rehab units. the injury left him paralyzed from the waste down. But you know what? He is doing the race this year in his wheelchair!

His daughter will be running with him to help push him up the hills. I was like - wow! What tenacity! As I was telling the story to the aid, I realized how wimpy I was being. So I went and put on my warm running clothes and headed out the door!

I did not feel shamed for being lazy; and I didn't feel bad. I just knew that if he could have the heart to continue I could too! I have to say that Fred Duling is an "inspiration" to all of us - there is never a place to give up! For today - keep running! Check out his story on Runner's World.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's a Slow Climb!

Well I have been officially training again for about a month. I guess in light of all I've been through with the busted knee cap I am not doing too badly! I have learned a lot about my body. That's one thing I have really enjoyed about running - learning about myself. Although I basically had to start over I did not have to start at zero with nothing like when I first started running nearly 3 years ago.

 I learned a lot by having some forced down time. I learned that I am in pretty good shape for 51 years old! That the world didn't in because I couldn't run (but that was challenging!), and that you can really start over - but it's not easy. One of the most difficult things is knowing my potential. Don't take that as being cocky - because my potential is still slow! lol! But I know I can run a half marathon - I've done it. However, I am having to start with 3 mile "long runs" all over again! Next week - 4... I think! I cannot risk injury.

 The part that is encouraging though is that I see and feel my progress as I am training again. I can literally feel myself getting stronger. (I know it's there - just beneath the muscle pain!) I feel my stamina getting better too.

 Even though it seems like such a slow climb, it is progress nonetheless! When we "mess up" with God - we do not start over at zero either. And while we must work to get ourselves back in line with Him it's not that difficult...we come to the altar knowing the right paths and decisions to be made. And even though it may seem slow - He will walk us through each step as we grow back into touch with Him. So for anyone reading (if there is anyone! lol)... who feels like you can't get back to Him - please remember two things -
  1. Yes you can--
  2. He never left
It may be a slow process but it's very do-able. If you have been walking out of step with Him - just start walking in step with Him again. He's been waiting for you!

 And while you are getting your step back - here's a picture of the third place medal I won at my first "come-back" race last week! (and yest - there were more than three people in my age group!)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Real Discipline Comes in Waiting

Well, I am up and running some. I'm still going slowly and allowing my body to try to adjust back to the more active lifestyle. Over the weekend I put in a 2 mile tread mill run and did it in right at 30 minutes. I felt real good about that coming off the injury. Yesterday I did my first real outside run in over 2 months! Sheesh! I did 2.2 miles in 27 minutes. I was pretty happy with it except I really wanted to push it to the 3 mile mark.

 There is is a little .4 mile trail through the park and adding an out and back on it at the end of the run would have made 3 miles exactly! But I have to stir up that discipline to not tag it on! My body was hurting but my mind was exhilarated to be running again! As excited as I was I could not risk the injury that can come from doing too much too quickly; so I held back.

 I realized then that the discipline to hold back like that is more important than the discipline to make myself get out and run when I don't feel like it! This body is the only one I get while traveling through time. If I injure it through negligence or ignorance I don't get another chance at another body!

So the discipline is in waiting even when I feel good about the run! I have to gradually build up my weekly miles and I have a 5K this Saturday morning. I can only run another mile - maybe two this week and be inside of safe! So what do you think... does the wisdom come from discipline - or the discipline from wisdom?