Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ugh! The Waiting...

I am not taking this injury nearly as graciously as I would like to think! I am anxious to get moving again. I want to be ready to run at least a 5K November 12. It's for the Oklahoma Brain Tumor Foundation and my family does it together for my sister. This is actually what keeps me in line right now. I am trying to be very nice with my knee and let it heal in the hopes that I can do that race with my family.

 In the meantime, I did walk 1.2 miles a couple of nights ago. This is while wearing the brace but I thought I'd get started. I hope to do that again today. Then in a couple of weeks I think the knee may be well enough to try to jog on it. I'm waiting until after 6 weeks have passed to start doing anything seriously. I hope to let it heal before I push it too much - but that is difficult. I am going to sign up for just a walk in October. It's only 1.5 miles and if I need to I can do it with the brace on too!
 I am so anxious to get back moving but I know it can be longer if I do not take the time to let my knee heal properly. How many times is this true in our lives? I cannot tell you how many people I have known who have just divorced and before you know it they are engaged to be married again. It's too fast...we have to allow ourselves to heal properly or we will be limping through life never really whole. Take time today to assess what in your life needs to be healed. Take time to honestly assess your own emotions and soul. Then sit patiently with me while we wait on God to bring us through totally healed...

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