Monday, September 26, 2011

Gotta Start Somewhere

So I have not run or hardly walked since I first hurt my knee. I do not wear the brace too much now when I am around the house, but if I am out and about I wear it for support. I also wear it to sleep in to keep from bending it. But the last two days I have walked through the park. (wearing the brace, of course)

 It's almost exactly 1.2 miles from my door, through the Frisbee golf course with a nice walking trail and back to my door. The weather has turned cooler and I would love to be setting up some running and training schedules. But it's not happening yet! I have to start slow...I have to start somewhere. So I am trying to walk through the park every day for starters. I may try the treadmill next week and do that without the brace to see how my knee handles it.

 It drives me nuts to be sidelined like this. But there has to be time for the injury to heal properly or I might not get to run again....ever! So I am trying to be very patient and walk it out slowly - every pun intended!

Sometimes in life we become frustrated with ourselves, especially when we cannot perform like we would like to. But it will take some time to get where we want, time, patience and healing. It's not as easy as it sounds when the words just fall out of your mouth like that...and it's certainly not as fast as we want it most of the time either! But hey - no matter where we are on our life's journey, no matter what we are facing, or going get to our desired destinations...we have to start somewhere. We have to start from where we are today. So today - just think about making progress - any amount really - from where you are. Make today just a little better than yesterday.

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