Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why do You Run?

Do you ever get tired of that question? I think I have answered it in a hundred different contests. (none of which I've won so far!) For the runner it seems more logical to ask the rest of the world, Why don't you run? That makes much more sense...those answers may seem superficial except for the very few legitimate ones...and my mind is blank...I started to say unless you don't have legs, but then I've seen too many successful runners who run with a prosthetic limb....Now they might be very well qualified to ask the rest of the world what their obstacle is to running!

It's kind of amazing to see stories like that though, isn't it? Or to hear such inspirational stories. You've probably all seen the video now of the father who pushes his son in a wheelchair in his races. Those are the types of stories that give us that extra kick in the butt to get moving down the road in the morning, aren't they? And although I did begin running out of desperation during a time (that is still ongoing...) of great trials and stress, my story is not that inspiring I think. However, there are people who say I inspire them. Then there's the few who started running because they figured if I could run in my circumstances (and at my age - they think it whether or not they say it! lol!) then they don't have any excuses...and there's been several.

Isn't that what living this life is all about? For us as individuals it is to simply put one foot in front of the other and walk through life the best we can. We don't think about if anyone is watching or not, because it is irrelevant to our goals. This is the same with our Bible heroes, don't you think? They had no idea that literally hundreds (or thousands) of years down the road people would be reading their stories and be inspired by their faith through adverse circumstances. They did not live out their belief, their faith or do anything because the world was was just the way they lived an honest life before God and man.

 So why do you run? ...why don't you run? Either answer should be natural and not fabricated or dictated by circumstances...just like faith. We all have our reasons...and we all have to keep walking in life whether or not we know that anyone is watching or not. Why? Because He  is watching...and walking with us. It's not about the final story that ends up in a book - it's about just doing what we do because of Him.

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