Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sucking it Up

Yesterday's run was very discouraging. It was so hot...But I probably pushed it a little too hard. I did the first half of the out-and-back in record time...then the heat started sucking away at my stamina and energy. I had to walk two or three times. I even ran on the wrong side of the road because there were a few more trees and I could bask in their shade for ten second increments as I slowly glided by! It was hot!

 I wanted to go 6 miles to prepare for the 10K this weekend. But I barely made the 5. I really don't like hot anymore! Today I will rest and then Wednesday and Thursday I'll do a couple of short 3-4 milers. Then Friday off and Saturday my second 10K.

 I must be honest and say I am very frustrated with myself right now. The time of day I run cannot be changed as I have to run when the aid is here with my son. So 8-10 in the morning is it...or there's nothing. (praying for a treadmill for Christmas - then I can train for the full marathon!!!) It's difficult to figure out a way to talk myself through this one.

 I only have two months before the half marathon in Chicago and I have to bump my miles up period! I know that I need to make some dietary changes and I know I need more hydration (and less caffeine!). I get a little nerved out because there is  a time limit on the Chicago half marathon...and my brain tells me my body cannot handle it - it tells me I should stick with only short distances like the 5K --which is precisely why I am signing up for the 10K this weekend!

 It's that time in every runner's career where we just have to suck it up and figure out how to get through because quitting is not an option!!!!!

 There are so many other things in life that there is not even the possibility of quitting or walking away from - we all have these sorts of opportunities to suck it up. For some it may be a tough job, a messed up relationship, or a tragic event - but whatever we find ourselves walking through today - we cannot quit. That will build no character or stamina...suck it up - figure out how to handle it and improve yourself (emotions, attitudes, etc.) and walk on through it...keep the goal in mind - you can do this  - you just gotta suck it up!

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