Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life's Races

Today is a rest day as tomorrow will be my long run for the week. I'm shooting for 7 or 8 miles. I really need to pump up my training as the Chicago half marathon is only a few weeks away. This heat is really kicking my butt though! And my age - that is a factor! And the fact that I am a full time caregiver which means two things - lots of stress (why I run) and very little sleep....but you know what? I figure those are all excuses. Are they weighty? sure. Are they real factors? Absolutely. But they are not reasons they are excuses.

I have to run while the aid is here in the mornings as I cannot leave my son alone. This week she told me she is quitting because she was offered another day job. It's funny to me because my first thought wasn't when I could buy groceries or run first thought honestly, was how will I run? I think that qualifies me as a runner! lol!
 It looks like I will be getting a treadmill and so my stress level can go back down to a moderately high level where it remains! lol! It's funny how things can become important to us isn't it? Three years ago I laughed at runners and thought they were crazy. I didn't get it. But now - it is a major factor in my life and there would be a huge gap in who I am if I couldn't run.

 What defines you? Are you a runner? I think I am finally. And when I get a treadmill and then complete the Chicago half marathon - wanna guess what's next? You got it! I'm going to start training for the full marathon!! Yep!

I think running is like life - there's not really a good place to stop. Just because we reach one level does not mean it's the end. We must continue trying to reach our capacity as a person, and that does not stop. Even as a Christian there is never a point where we arrive. There is always the goal to press on towards...until we are like Him...until we are with Him. Keep pressing on - life has many more races to challenge you with!

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