Saturday, July 16, 2011

Learning From the Pros

Okay so I have to humble myself here. I will admit that I have been a stickler for not walking on a run. It's important to me to run the whole way. But I found out this week that it is something I need to get over! It's still a run if I walk a little now and then.

 Before my run I was looking through a Runner's World magazine and came across an article that was about how some guy set a new PR for his marathon by walking. I was like, "No way!" But it was for real. The article talked about running faster when you're running but taking some walk breaks early on to help the muscles have a little relief and rejuvenate.

 I related it to hiking. I could be worn to a frazzle and stop for 1 minutes to rest and then have the energy to go just as many more miles on the trail. Just a little rest was all my weary legs needed. So I figured I would try this walking technique and see if it would work.
 I took a few walk breaks on my 6.6 mile run. I found out that it really did work! I felt like I could go a lot further although I was actually running faster than my normal easy pace. The walk breaks worked great to keep me going! What did I learn?

 I learned two valuable life lessons from running. One, that I can listen to those who are more experienced than I am. Try some new techniques rather than being hard headed. I can actually gain some ground by listening to the older warriors who have already been through! And two, I think reading and applying the Bible should be the same way as my Runner's World magazine. For instance, I should be able to read a passage and then get up and live it. I need to be able to make it applicable after I've read it, not just memorize it!

 What are you going to make applicable today?

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