Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Goals Outweigh Obstacles

Did I ever mention I don't like running on a treadmill? Maybe not. Mostly because I hadn't tried it. However, our aid quit and the new aid has very different hours so that means I cannot run in the mornings. I also cannot run at noon in this record breaking triple digit heat wave either! So I got a treadmill...the first time I tried to run on it I hated it...and nearly hurt myself!

 I actually gave one thought to quitting running...but then I have a half marathon I'm committed to this fall in Chicago...The more I thought about it, I looked at the treadmill as a help to get to my goal instead of an obstacle in the way. My goal far outweighed my obstacles.

 I have had to go pretty easy on the treadmill this week, because it makes my whole body hurt. But this morning was a little better so I am hopeful that I will be able to log some miles on this puppy!! And then the good news is that the aid will be here early two mornings a week so I can run outside those two days until this fall when it will be fine to run outside in the weather....

 It seemed after I started looking at the treadmill as a means rather than a drudgery...considering it more of a training attitude changed. It's not about how I reach my goals... it's just about reaching them.

This is so true in every aspect of life. We have to turn all the obstacles into helps - that's the way we overcome them. It's no different in our spiritual walk - when an obstacle presents itself it is time to roll up our sleeves and figure out how He is going to help up make it a positive...we do not have to remain on the bottom...


  1. I will follow you, not only here but also your examples.... I will start running soon ^_^ More Power and God Bless you Mary.

  2. That will be very cool! I hope you can find as much joy in both, following the site and running, as I do! Thanks so much for reading!!