Sunday, July 17, 2011


I am planning on pushing myself this week. I think i want to shoot for over 20 miles this week. And I do have a plan! My biggest obstacle from here is actually the hot weather. It's nearly 80 for the night time lows! And by the time I run around 8 in the morning it's usually 80 or above already. But I will win this thing!!

While I was working on my technique for tackling longer runs last week I had a lot of thoughts...that's actually very normal for me no matter what I'm doing! I was thinking about how far out of reach the half-marathon feels right now. The pressure is that I have to complete it in under 2:45:00. My first was just under 3 hours.. so that's a little bit of pressure. I'm not sure the distance is the largest factor - my speed is. That's why I am really pushing for a higher base speed...

 As I was running I was thinking about how tired I was etc...but because of the half marathon I have out in front of me I must keep pressing on! So my thoughts turned to looking ahead and letting what is ahead be my motivation for today. I believe this is applicable in every area of our lives. My diet needs to be under control today so that I do not have problems down the road. My writing has to be practiced today so I will be prepared to finish those books I want to do down the road. I read my Bible today so that when situations arise down the road I will have the spiritual stamina to handle them. Today is all about getting to tomorrow in the best possible shape! Foresight is an essential element to preparation...pressing through today's situations is what prepares us for tomorrow's race.

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