Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Very Little Motivation Needed

Since I am only getting about 5 hours of sleep a night I wake up tired. Usually I go through this whole thing of how old I am and why I shouldn't run today. But yesterday as I was rehearsing my usual (miserable) excuses I happened to see a runner through my window. That's all it took. I'm so serious. I saw her head bobbing up and down as she ran along the fence and that was all it took. I put my shoes on and headed out for a nice casual run.

 The trouble was that I didn't leave early enough (I only have a two hour window to get my run in). I went out too far before I turned around and headed home. So coming back I had to kick it in high gear to get back before time for my son's aid to leave! so  simple miscalculation helped me log better than 5 and a half miles in an hour!

 The two things about yesterday's run are that it took almost nothing to motivate me and a miscalculation helped me log more miles for the week! How many times have we miscalculated something and ended up reaping its benefits? We have to come to the place where we realize two things.
1- we don't know everything
2 - we can run faster and harder than we thought
Although my intention was to do a medium, very laid back run I ended up running a pretty good clip in a short amount of time. I got a lot better workout than what I had planned. Sometimes we just have to let our mistakes teach us something about ourselves! That's really their purpose isn't it?

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