Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Hill is What Life is About

I have decided this one 5 mile route is my favorite. I get some pretty level running in before I turn to go up one of the biggest hills you'll find here in Norman, OK! Then at the top of the hill I swing through a neighborhood and over past a real pretty little pond to a street named, "Horizon View." I am not sure why it's named that as you cannot see a horizon from there at all! But then I double back and it's a nice morning run.

The hill and I have something personal going on! I always look at it from the corner and point to myself and say, "I'm taking you down today!" as I head toward it! (Sometimes on the weekends I swear I can hear it calling out a challenge for me! lol!) Monday when I got to that hill, I was caught up in my thoughts and it came so easy it even surprised me. I realized I had taken the hill and never broke stride and my legs felt so good under me!

But that success came at a cost. It's taken 2 years of training to get to that place. But it sure felt good! That's when I realized that it's not the hills that are the reason to run or train, it's conquering them! That's what it is all about.

If I can draw this parallel in life, the hill are the challenges we  face - probably daily. I don't know it's a pretty big hill, maybe these are the little bit larger situations that we must learn how to take in stride. But it's not about the's about arriving at the top and  looking back at where you just came from, seeing the challenge you just  faced - and conquered! It's about the successful running.

I think we run for that feeling! That elation as we stand at the top of the hill and are consumed with  all the emotions that come from that success. And really - that''s what keeps us going, isn't it? The hill is what life is about - it's about keeping on keeping on and taking on challenge after challenge and arriving on top. That success is what keeps us going toward the next hill - and why we run it!

We train  in life too. We study the Word, pray and get acquainted with God. That is our training for the next hill we will face in life. When we meet a situation head on and make the right response or react in an appropriate manner - we conquered that hill. So keep training - there are lots of hills out there that need to be conquered. And each success will drive us to the next!

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