Sunday, June 26, 2011

My 2 Year Race-i-versary 5K!

Last night I ran my 15th 5K! (it was my 17th race overall) It was a wonderful experience. Although it was so hot I thought I may get to experience what it's like to throw up during a run. I got very nauseous toward the end, but I figured since I wasn't dizzy I wasn't about to pass out so I just kept on going. I thought maybe I would throw up and add it to the unique race experience list! lol! But then I didn't...almost disappointing as it would have made such a great story later... oh well.

 I had a lot of emotions going into the race as I thought back about that first 5K. It's been such an invigorating, addictive journey! I started just to survive...and now I survive just to run! My legs just feel strong - I cannot really explain it any better than that - they just feel good under me. I thought of all the accomplishments that I've managed to do over this two years of racing... Of the 15 5K races I've placed 6 times. I don't think that's too bad! I have achieved some measurable increase in speed from the very first race I ran. And physically I just feel good...and I can't wait until next month's race!

 However, all the accomplishments have given me insight on the things that I need to work on. See, when we stop to view our accomplishments and camp there as if that's the end-all it becomes pride. But accomplishments are really meant to show us what else we need to work on so that we can continue to progress.

 I know I need to seriously work on my speed. But last night as I was running and feeling how strong my legs have become I realized how important it is to work on my core. That's my main weak area right now. I also have not eaten right lately and need to get that back in check as it's a serious energy sucker!

 So along the way - enjoy the accomplishments. Solomon even said that there is nothing better for a man than to eat and drink and tell himself that his labor is good.(Ecclesiastes 2:24)  But it's not the end-all it's only our motivation to improve ourselves and continue on down the road. So do some re-assessment today. Give yourself credit for the accomplishments, or for the goals you've set and reached. But then let those experiences show you what needs to be changed or corrected so that there is the assurance of more success down the road.

 By the way - I brought home a second place metal in the old people's division last night!

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