Monday, June 13, 2011

Mix it Up!

While I am pushing my body to get ready for the big half marathon coming up this fall, I am also having to learn my limits..did I mention how I hate that? When I have a 20 mile week it seems my body gives out. I'm sure that it is due to the fact that I only have one adrenal gland...I don't know how - but I am pretty sure it's related. So I had a 20 mile week, then last week I pushed it hard (in the heat) Monday and Tuesday. That kind of forced me to take Wednesday off. I really wanted to try to get 20 miles in four days. It didn't work - I found my limit.

 Now I could have pushed myself a little harder got some miles on Wednesday and more on Thursday. I had to get groceries and stuff in that time frame on Friday so I needed to get all my miles on M-Th. But my steam ran out. This used to really frustrate me. But as I am learning that a slow week doesn't mean it's over, and it doesn't mean a failure - I'm getting to where I'm okay with giving it my best shot with what I have to work with.

 Finding our limits can really be a good thing. It can help us reevaluate, make necessary changes and do better the next time. This week I am going easy M-Wed taking Thursday off and running long on Friday. That's the plan anyway. I'm not going to worry so much about the particulars this week and I'm going to concentrate on my time rather than the mileage. By time I mean I will run for an hour and log how ever many miles I get rather than trying to get a certain amount of miles in for the day. We'll see how it goes. I'm calling it an easy week!

 I think this re-focusing is a good thing to do with our entire life every so often, even in our spiritual walk. We can get caught it ruts and certain ways of doing things and then it loses its vigor. For Christians it's too easy to slip into religion and out of relationship that way. It's really good to change up your study habits now and then just to keep them fresh. So take this week and refocus on a little ... change things up some ..don't just be religious that's really boring!

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