Monday, June 6, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

That may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but I almost had to sacrifice my Monday run due to another obligation. It was okay, but it only gives me 4 days in a row to run and some weeks I need an off day in the middle. My goal of course is to work up to running all 5 days - with a little biking thrown in.

I have several goals right now - but I can do them all at the same time basically, so it's not too overwhelming. The heat has got to be beaten, miles have to increase, and I need to lose at least another 10 pounds. Since none of these are mutually exclusive I should be able to work out a plan!

Sometimes we give up too soon on projects or plans because it gets too complicated. That can make us feel like none of them is do-able! I am finding that if I hang in there and don't change the goals just because of a complication I can figure out a way to accomplish almost anything! Here's an example. When I am running I get all sorts of ideas. I write stuff in my head for all 7 blogs I keep up with, I think of awesome lyrics, find solutions to life's puzzling situations...solve all the world's problem including reducing our national debts.... (Have President Obama call me!) lol! I really get all sorts of ideas while I am running and can't remember any of them when I get home! How do you fix that? I can't carry pencil and paper with me and stop every little bit to write down an idea for this week's ministry newsletter! Aha! I have a small digital recorder which I can slip into my armband with my ipod! easy to use (I'll sound funny when I play it back) - Mission Accomplished!!

I am learning that many of the corners we get backed into are breeding grounds for great ideas and solutions to many of our problems. And the truth is that many times we won't change some things until we are backed up and must make a decision or a move. What needs to be changed in your life today? Don't pick all one hundred choices - pick one thing and just change that one thing today.

I don't think God expects us to look at the whole picture and do everything all at one time. He didn't equip us like that. But He did give us a brain that is better than a computer...and if we will take some time to think things through we can make some necessary changes. Add 5 minutes to your devotion time, get up  15 minutes earlier and change your whole day! Cut your caloric intake by 100 cals a day...small changes can lead to big things!

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