Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Because It's Fun!

Yesterday's run was very different for me. I've been pushing myself pretty hard and this half-a-century old body has been complaining a whole lot. It always does that when I work up to running about 20 miles a week. Next week, I'm shooting for 20 again (or more) but it will all be easy miles. I am not even going to think about pushing it. Why? Because of yesterday's run.

I really wanted to get a run in just to log some miles. So I decided to just run easy for about 45 minutes. I figured that should be between 3-4 miles (I was right) and a good enough workout to keep everything moving and give me some log miles. I decided to just go easy and enjoy the run again. I have been working real hard...and you know what? I loved it!

It was one of the best runs I've done. I may adopt this practice of just running because it's fun again! I ran a little less than a 12 minute mile. So my base time has improved and that's been one of my goals. But sometimes I am working so hard that I forget to run just because it's fun.

A lot of our activities are that way you know. I can remember when I was a worship leader in a church, the responsibilities could take the fun out of it sometimes. I had to sing the right songs to engage the audience and try to lead them to a worship experience...but I want to do music and ministry again - just because it's fun...not because it's required! Don't get so caught up in what you are doing that you forget to relax and have fun...I think God meant for us to enjoy the gifts He gave lighten up today - enjoy Him and just do something for fun! (but don't hurt anyone!)

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