Thursday, June 9, 2011

How do You Fuel Your Run?

Runners know what an important role the diet plays in fueling the run. For me, it really is the pasta dinner the night before. You kind of have to experiment with a few things to find out what works for your body. And we all know how rough finding out what the no-no's are! That can mess up a really good run! (lol- runners know what I am talking about!)

But I don't think that what we eat is the guts of the matter. What really fuels the run is found when you top that huge hill that was just taken in stride, or you shave a few seconds off a PR, or you get that medal in your age group at a race...all summed up in one word: success. That's really the "stuff" behind why we continue.

Think about how discouraging it would be to run at the same pace every single day and never be able to get any faster ever - or if the same hill kicks you in the butt every day and you never conquer it...discouraging to say the least.

I think this is true in many aspects of our lives. And success doesn't have to mean getting a lot of money - you can be rich and very unsuccessful. But success in our walk with God means that the things that used to get us down, don't anymore! That the hill we have been climbing is getting easier because we are getting stronger in Him day by day. The same things don't trip us up anymore (not that we don't have a whole new set of situations to overcome...) but we get stronger and wiser because we are closer to Him...and that fuels our Christian Run.

As we see ourselves changing and being able to handle situations and people with the grace He supplies - that should fuel our Christian run - our run back to Him!

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