Saturday, June 4, 2011

The First Mile

Okay so yesterday was supposed to be my long run. It had been over a month since I'd run over 5 miles or so. To help myself be successful in my endeavors I set two goals. Running two hours was my minimum, I would not accept less than that of myself. The second goal was I really wanted to do 10 miles. It didn't have to be in the two hours of course...

I met several obstacles that I was not expecting. For one it was already in the upper 80's and I really wasn't prepared or conditioned for that! I did wear my camelbak as I always do on my long runs. And after about 5 miles just about every joint in my body was reminding me of two things a) how old I am and b) how difficult it was to run! And my poor toes! I've lost one toenail and have two more apparently getting ready to go through the same process...And by the time I got home I was nursing two good sized blisters... how'd that make me feel? Elated!! It is sort of like a rite of passage for a runner!

So I made my two hour goal but it's gonna take some conditioning to get used to the heat again. Another thing was I have been trying to control my weight and my joint pain with my diet. I was hoping I made a bigger difference but it was pretty rough yesterday. I did get in nearly 9 miles which isn't bad for an old lady! I'm sure my toes will thank me for the weekend off!

I am making many changes in my lifestyle right now and the joint pain was to be expected. Actually, when we begin to change we can rest assured there will be pain involved! It's part of the growing process. When we begin to bring discipline back into our lives everything may hurt for awhile...but it's just gonna have to hurt. I promise making positive changes will hurt - but you're not going to die from them. Actually, after the pain subsides, you'll live a better life!

So go ahead and make those much needed changes - discipline yourself. You know what area you need. Spend time in the word, worship Him, change your finances, make a diet plan...whatever it is - just go ahead and make the changes. It will hurt...sure...but you'll never get to the finish line if you don't run the first mile.


  1. I always love when I can take the time to read some of your blogs. They are always encouraging and well written. Thanks for all that you share!

  2. Hey Shawn as always I am humbled and honored when people take the time to read the blogs. I appreciate it lots more than some may realize.

    I'm always glad to know that someone gets something out of the "mess" I call "life"!

    thanks for reading,